Sony is making 4K Projection a lot Cheaper with its New VPL-VW300ES Model Projector

by on September 30, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 30th, 2014

There are still many people who like to claim that 4K resolution technology is really no big deal and that the picture difference between it and Full HD is really almost minimal. But it’s hard to believe that even these types of critics would deny the incredible difference that Ultra HD makes when used in the enormous view thrown out by a projector.

This is where Sony comes into the picture, literally, with its new VPL-VW300ES home theater projector (which can also easily be used for more serious professional visual display needs)

This new projection machine combines massive visual display, beautiful 4K clarity and a remarkably low price (for a projector) into one economically sized, stylish package. It’s also the latest in a series of 4K projectors the electronics giant has come up with in the last couple of years.

First of all, the single most attractive thing about the 300ES is its price. Retailing at just under $9000 USD, the VW300ES is a solid $4800 cheaper than anything else available on the 4K projector market, and in fact, the next cheapest model is also a Sony machine, the VW600ES.

So far at least, this is a Ultra HD projector price that pretty much no other brand can even come close to matching, so Sony’s competition on this particular 4K electronics front is pretty much nonexistent.

Not only this but there isn’t a single other company that’s even selling a 4K projector for the home entertainment market of any kind at all. Sony is currently the only player on this field and because of this, their ridiculously low price for the device is even more remarkable.

Instead of pricing the 300ES highly because of its unique position among projectors, Sony almost seems to be racing itself to the bottom.

However, this is because the company isn’t focused on just per product profit margins and wants to use the 300 ES to expand the 4K market as widely as it can in every possible direction.

According to Jacob Barfoed, an executive at Sony, “For us it’s simply about expanding the market. We just want to bring 4K to more people. There’s no hidden agenda”.

The VW300ES looks pretty much identical to its more expensive cousin the VW500ES but because of the price difference between the two it obviously comes with some key internal differences between itself and its cousin projector.

Sony's Visually identical but more expensive VW500ES projector

Sony’s Visually identical but more expensive VW500ES projector

This powerful home entertainment system can deliver brilliance levels of up to 1500 lumens, offers a fully 4K friendly HMDI 2.0 connectivity, can transfer Ultra HD content to the screen at a solid and very smooth 60 frames per second and is also fully connected for both HDCP 2.2 4K piracy protection and HEVC video decoding of streaming signals encoded in the 4K compression codec. The 300ES is even designed with Sony’s proprietary Triluminous technology built into it, meaning some spectacularly sharp and highly nuanced color schemes.

However, the low price of the 300ES does come with a few mild drawbacks. Unlike its more expensive and powerful Sony cousin the 500ES, the new Sony projector has no lens memory features for creating pre-selected zoom, focus and aspect ratios and it also lacks a full dynamic iris system for maximal color contrasts in a projected video.

THE VW300ES is already on its way to the European market but so far at least, details about when it will go on sale in North America remain oddly sketchy.

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