Sony has launched a new 4K YouTube Channel

by on October 2, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 02, 2015

Sony Professional Solutions Americas division has launched a new “Sony 4K” YouTube channel as of this week and it will feature a load of tutorials, testimonials from Sony product users and a curated playlist of user-generated 4K ultra HD content by owners and operators of Sony’s assorted 4K UHD cameras, from the amateur level up to Pro video production devices.

According to channel manager Brett Erlich, “We created this channel to do one thing, create a community of owners and users of Sony 4K cameras”. He also explained that, “We’re building this community with the development of this technology. As it grows, we’ll grow”.

On the other hand, Erlich also acknowledged that 4K UHD is still in the baby stages of its own development and that Sony doesn’t yet have the numbers crunched on how many users of YouTube would be able to view the channel’s mostly 4K content in its native resolution on their TVs or PCs (or other devices, like Sony’s own Xperia Z5 Premium 4K smartphone).

While the majority of the channel’s content will likely come from users themselves as they subscribe to the channel in greater numbers, Sony is shooting the majority of their own tutorials for the page in native 4K ultra HD at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center on the Sony lot.

The first focus of the creators of this new channel will be 4K ultra HD resolution by itself but down the road, as the channel and 4K technology both take off, the administrators and producers of the Sony 4K YouTube pages content will also begin focusing on other video technologies that relate to second generation 4K content. These include HDR technology (expanded contrast, or the range between the brightest bright and the darkest dark), “better pixel” technology and augmented color spectrums.

Sony’s own 4K UHD TVs do focus on the development of all these added 4K-related video technologies already and the company has even began selling several HDR-enabled models of 4K UHD TV which also feature Sony’s own augmented color technology, called Triluminos Display.

As for YouTube itself, the website has been supporting 4K video since 2010 now but has only recently begun to make the entire process of uploading videos to their pages in this resolution easier and more public, in tandem with the growing popularity of 4K display technologies among consumers and camera owners in general.

Naturally, the first and foremost aim of the New Sony 4K channel is a lot of advertising for Sony technology, Sony cameras and possibly even Sony 4K TVs. However, we can indeed expect some very useful tutorials, interesting user generated content and decent entertainment to come from this effort by the electronics giant. Furthermore, Sony’s 4K cameras are by no means weak products on the market. The company makes some of the best and most diverse UHD video recording products in the world today.

Take a look at one of their promotional clips:

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