Sony Launches Its Extremely Modular VENICE 6K Full-Frame Pro Camera

by on September 7, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, September 7, 2017

Meet the VENICE CineAlta, Sony Electronics’s first Full-Frame digital motion picture camera. Venice is the new “flagship” in Sony’s CineAlta line-up, it was designed for and by filmmakers and video professionals.

The long-anticipated high-end full frame camera comes with a 36 x 24mm sensor capable of capturing 6K footage at up to 6048 x 4032 pixels (depending on aspect ratio). While the VENICE shoots 6K natively, it also offers other resolutions such as 4K UHD, as well as a 4:3 aspect ratio for anamorphic shooting.

The Venice will be extremely flexible and comes with a modular platform that might even make it more upgradable than any other Sony camera to-date. Its fully modular design can be customized depending on the customer’s needs, such as viewfinders and external recorders that can be added as required. Being full frame makes it compatible with a wide range of lenses, including Anamorphic, Super 35mm, Spherical and Full Frame PL. Also, the entire sensor block is interchangeable, allowing new sensor technology to be changed as it becomes available. Basically, this is one camera that takes being fully modular very seriously.

Sony Launches Its Extremely Modular VENICE 6K Full-Frame Pro Camera

Sony has also considered the durability of the VENICE. Instead of designing a whole new range of accessories for this specific model, the VENICE will be compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories for CineAlta cameras. The camera uses the same 16-bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC workflows as on the Sony F5/55 when using the AXS-R7 portable memory recorder.

This model features a new color management system to provide users with a greater flexibility to work with images and video during post-production. Sony has stated that the new VENICE has more than 15 stops of latitude to help calibrate the camera under conditions from searing sunlight to almost no light. Its sensor photosites are larger than those of prior cameras, allowing it to have an enhanced dynamic range and color reproduction.

The VENICE CineAlta digital motion picture camera is expected to arrive for consumers in February 2018.  Sony has not given any information about the its pricing yet but don’t expect this extremely flexible shooter to be designed for budget-minded buyers.

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