Sony is lending out 4K movies free of charge to its customers

by on October 31, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 31st, 2014

For those dedicated Sony customer’s who’ve bought themselves a Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD TV this year, the electronics manufacturer has decided to show a little Christmas spirit.

Sony Electronics is promising a giveaway of five free Ultra HD movies to customers of its 4K TVs as part of a package that includes a total of ten films and which must be redeemed by Christmas Eve of this year in order for the 5 free films to be given away.

The way the giveaway works is that Sony customers who have a 2014 Bravia TV can go for what Sony calls the “4K Privilege promo”, which includes 10 movies in total, of which five are the free on-loan films.

Any customer who redeems the promo by Christmas Eve of 2014 will then have the five movies that they had to pay for and an additional 5 free films sent to them, literally, in the form of a pre-loaded hard disk drive that can apparently be unlocked as of September 2015. The content in the drive will then be available for viewing until the following September of 2016.

So far, the whole process seems quite a bit clumsy and cumbersome given all the unfolding streaming options and VoD choices that are steadily emerging for UHD content to 4K TVs.

However, at least for customers who don’t  have the internet connectivity power necessary to watch 4K streams from providers like Netflix or Amazon Prime, the Sony offer isn’t a bad bonus option of decent movie content.

Now, the obvious question: What titles are available? Overall, the selection is pretty limited, and especially so considering that Sony Studios supposedly has access to the largest library of 4K content of all the major 4K TV manufacturers.

So far at least, the titles that will come with the Sony HDD include: The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, Moneyball, Premium Rush, Total Recall, Salt, Ghostbusters, Battle of Los Angeles, The Patriot, and Captain Philips.

Total recall in 4K Ultra HD

One of the 4K movies on offer includes the sci fi action spectacle Total Recall

Not a bad selection of Hollywood films, but also not anything to really be amazed about.

At the very least, customers who choose to redeem Sony’s offer get a free hard drive in the process and a selection of content they can use to show off what real native 4K resolution looks like on their Bravia TV.

So far, Sony has made a total of seven new 4K TV models and the latest of these, which has been released only recently, is the Bravia S90 model, which is available in both 65 and 75 inch versions and offers an innovative curved screen design that0’s supposed to provide deeper viewing immersion to a user sitting in front of the screen.

Owners of  Sony’s 4K TVs who have access to web connectivity above 20 Mbps can also simply forego Sony’s entire rather cumbersome “free movie” promotion and just sign up for a streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix’s 4K inclusive streaming plan. Both options also include a steadily growing selection of content and even include movies. In fact, the Netflix 4K streaming service comes with access to 4K versions of popular shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad, in addition to several movies.

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