The Super-thin X900C 4K TV is one of the new Sony arrivals for 2015

by on April 22, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 22, 2015

As we’d already covered here earlier, Sony is well into the process of launching at least two new TV models during the next couple of months in the form of the X930C and X940C series 4K TVs. These are going to be getting interesting not only because they represent some of the latest from Sony’s ultra HD TV department but also because they will be the first series from the company which will be integrated with high dynamic range capacity through a firmware update later in the summer.

These new HDR-capable TVs will be starting off in price with a 43-inch set that’s going to cost $1,300 and will go up from there to a 75 inch monster of a TV which will be retailing for $8,000.

However, they’re not the only new TVs from the company which are going on the market. There is also the new X900C, which is supposedly the thinnest 4K TV on sale by anyone in the world. This interesting model is poised to arrive in the summer and if indicators are correct, it could definitely turn out to be worth the waiting you’ll have to do for it.

With a screen thickness of just 5.08mm, the X900C is going to actually be even thinner than your average smartphone and will even include what Sony calls “vanishing edge” technology, designed to make the screen almost completely and totally bezel-free, thus causing the picture to fill its entire surface.

Sony's X900C UHD TV really does offer some remarkable thinness, but over a robust base

Sony’s X900C UHD TV really does offer some remarkable thinness, but over a robust base

This kind of screen and bezel technology from Sony will thus outdo even LG’s OLED TVs in terms of overall thinness and minimalist appearance and that’s a pretty impressive little achievement.

Of course, all of the new TVs will come with the now well-known and very well reviewed color-enhancing Triluminous Display technology and in addition to this, these new models will be equipped with a color correction feature system that is designed to still further enhance display color by making hues more vibrant or more toned down in a highly realistic way that should definitely impress. Sony is known to excel in these areas and although it has gotten plenty of competition from LG and Samsung (particularly with its new SUHD TVs) in the visual realism and vibrancy departments, the company does certainly hold its own with satisfied customers.

As promised by Sony at CES earlier in 2015, the latest 4K TVs will all be based on a new, improved operating system that works off the Android TV platform and will also include a voice search feature that allows users to speak into a one-click remote or even a compatible mobile phone with Sony’s remote control app installed for voice control of on-screen apps and OS options.

Gamers who use the new Sony TVs will also be able to enjoy access to PlayStation Now with a DualShock 4 controller.

In total, Sony is giving its fans plenty to look forward to in the 4K TV department in 2015. This is a welcome sight after hearing little from the company in recent weeks.

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