New Sony RAID drives offer 440MB/s transfer capacities for 4K content

by on September 14, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 14, 2015

For those of you who want to transfer some seriously heavy duty data at really high speed, the : The PSZ-RA4T (4TB) and PSZ-RA6T (6TB) offer read/write transfer speeds up to 440MB/s, which make them ideal for more serious uses and particularly for moving around 4K ultra HD video content.

These drives have been designed for data-centric businesses and video production needs especially in mind and would actually be a useful accompanying tool for videographers who are also using some of Sony’s own powerful professional 4K video production cameras. In basic terms, they are perfectly built for efficient transfer of seriously data-heavy raw 4K footage in a professional setting.

The two portable RAID drives go by the name of The PSZ-RA4T and PSZ-RA6T and offers storage capacities of 4TB and 6TB (terabytes) respectively, with read/write transfer speeds of a seriously fast 440MB/s.

Furthermore, serious users with even heavier storage needs can daisy-chain as many as 6 of these RAID disks together through built-in Thunderbolt connections and in effect create a massive local storage network with a total capacity of as many as 36 terabytes.

The drives are also more than just robust storage and transfer tools, they’ve also been made with durability in mind and each unit comes with a built-in chassis that’s been designed for maximum durability and handling of vibrations and shocks. This makes them great tools for field use in filming or business related situations where conditions are rough on hardware.

Specifically, the two different RAID drive models can manage transfers of low-format video or other data at speeds of 400MB/s while being able to handle even heavier RAW 4K video at slower but still powerful speeds of 110MB/s.

However, these sorts of transfer speeds tend to be somewhat variable under real-live testing conditions and since neither RAID drive is yet available on the market, further news on review test results will have to wait a while. Nonetheless, Sony is one of the more expert manufacturers of 4K-related hardware and their claims for the above-mentioned transfer speeds have a heavier measure of plausibility to them.

In addition to the : The PSZ-RA4T and PSZ-RA6T RAID units, Sony has also come out with a new 256GB memory card called the SxS PRO+, which is also aimed at the 4K video market and capable f handling roughly 40 minutes of moderately compressed 4K video footage. The card is aimed at the same market of video professionals who are buying some of Sony’s assorted 4K video production and semi-pro cameras.

Sony also unveiled a new 256GB SxS PRO+ memory card for 4K video transfer and storage in the field

Sony also unveiled a new 256GB SxS PRO+ memory card for 4K video transfer and storage in the field

According to Bill Cubellis, director of professional and storage media sales & marketing for Sony Electronics, 4K content is only becoming more of a video industry standard and as this happens, the demand for larger capacity mobile storage options will only grow. He further stated that, “Sony’s entry into RAIDs and higher capacity memory cards offer solutions that meet the needs of today’s content creators, who require a fast, efficient, portable and dependable workflow, and the ability to store all of the action from a day’s shoot in one place”.

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