Sony Corporation Moving Forward with High Expectations on 4K Ultra HD

by on August 2, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 1st, 2014

Sony Corporation is making strenuous efforts to kick upwards the growing 4K market with a multi-faceted approach that includes projects in content creation, broadcasting, and marketing their numerous 4K products with a particular focus on 4K Ultra HD TVs.

According to executives of Sony who recently met in New York City at a Consumer Electronics week roundtable held there, Ultra HD TV is here to stay and should soon mark a pinnacle in home entertainment and video for the near future. These executives, who represent the company’s broadcast, movie and consumer electronics divisions seemed very confident about the future of the resolution technology that their company has already worked so hard to promote via live 4K filming of FIFA World Cup matches and numerous other marketing strategies.

According to the executives, the arrival of UHD TVs in consumer electrons stores and websites, combined with an increase in the amount of 4K-for-2K video cameras and camcorders to support them will lead to even more amateur and professional 4K video content creation. Furthermore, they hinted that broad support for Hollywood production of 4K movies and TV shows is already emerging and will keep growing well. Netflix and Amazon’s continuing work to film all of their own upcoming video content in 4K format lend a lot of credibility to the claim by Sony.

Hugo Gaggioni, chief technology officer of the broadcasting and production system technology division of Sony pointed out that 4K is already doing very well in terms of content and expectations when you compare it to the already massively successful HD TV, which, when it came out as early as the late 1990’s, had absolutely no content ready for it in any format for several years.

4K on the other hand, already has limited but nonetheless existent content ready to be delivered to users of the technology in their TVs. Sony and a number of other forward thinking studios have been busy creating programming and video for 4K TVs for a number of years already and are only now starting to steadily release their creations as 4K displays themselves become more common.

In other words, the market conditions now for Ultra HD are far, far more favorable than they were for 1080p HD several years ago and despite those problems, HD was a major success. With good reason too it needs to be added, given that consumers always appreciate a larger amount of resolution as long as they can use it and also buy it at a decent price.

Grover Crisp, executive VP of Sony Pictures also claims that the technology of 4K has been around for the same time as Blu-Ray and that he first recognized its potential when working on the original full HD Blu-Ray format, “A 35 mm film frame is about 4k resolution, but we’ve never been able to capture or exhibit it before” according to Crisp.

 He also claimed that Sony has built widespread 4K conversion facilities in recent years and that through these they have already amassed a large library of 4K video content scanned from original film reel of older movies and digitized to full 3,840 x 2,160 resolution in its digital format.

While Sony recognizes that a number of bandwidth and codec support issues remain with widespread 4K, the format is coming along nicely in its development and accessory technologies are already catching up to make it work better.

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