Sony Corporation Implements Cinavia Piracy Protection Technology for its 4K Content

by on October 9, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 9th, 2014

Verance Copy Management Corporation has announced that Sony Electronics has integrated Verance’s Cinavia technology into the newest generation of the Sony FMP-X10 Ultra HD 4K media player. The new media player model has been designed for installation with both the latest and many older model Sony 4K TVs and offers access to a selection of more than 200 movie, documentary, sports, music and TV show titles that are all displayed in native 4K to the company’s UHD TVs.

This makes the FMP-X10 media player’s content library possibly the largest in the world as far as home entertainment for 4K goes. The media player offers access to these 200 titles via the Sony Video Unlimited 4K service and also allows users to access streaming Ultra HD titles such as “House of Cards” from Netflix and other shows filmed in 4K by Amazon Prime’s streaming service.

The latest adoption of Cinavia technology by electronics and TV makers follows in the footsteps of a similar integration done last year by Sony in its first generation 4K media player, the FMP-X1.

The new X10 version of Sony’s media player, aside from its access to the massive Sony 4K content library and the above mentioned streaming services, also gives users a terabyte of internal storage space for storing downloaded VoD movies and shows. Furthermore, it can be used to store personally created 4K video that can be uploaded from cameras capable of the resolution.

The X10 uses Cinavia technology to protect its exclusive content selections by identifying and blocking unauthorized uses of anything protected by the Cinavia content protection system.

Sony's FMP-X10 media player for 4K Content

Sony’s FMP-X10 media player for 4K Content

This includes video pirated from unauthorized theatrical sources, packaged video media and digitally distributed videos.

The underlying logic of the technology is to block unauthorized copies of content and in doing so, cause behavioral changes in casual consumers of pirated entertainment that make them opt to go for the convenience of simply buying their entertainment from legitimate sources.

The total number of Cinavia enabled devices on the market today exceeds 160 million and 55 million of these included the technology between June of 2013 and the same month of 2014 alone.

The original use of this piracy protection technology was implemented with Blu-ray disc playing devices and related software systems.

Cinavia has also been integrated recently with some of the latest gaming consoles on the market. Those that use the protection system include the Sony Playstation 4, the Xbox One from Microsoft and others. Furthermore, the technology has been integrated into many Ultra HD media player and set-top box platforms because it’s a requirement for a number of next-generation video services.

Interestingly, the technology apparently works. At least according to the company that produces Cinavia, wide implementation of the piracy protection system has increased spending at theaters, video retailers and digital movie rental services by roughly $365 million.

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