Competition for Samsung SUHD: Sony’s awesome Android-powered 4K TVs are on sale and they start at $2,499

by on June 24, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 24, 2015

As we’ve already covered previously, the Android-powered 4K TVs of Sony’s 2015 line, some of which we’ve already reviewed here, are on sale now and they’re definitely worth a serious look.

With prices that range from less than $2,500 to a maximum price tag of $5,499, all three new televisions are coming in July and all three feature the new Android TV OS platform that Sony has begun using on select 2015 models.

These particular sets were among the models released for display at CES 2015 and the first thing about them that really worked at impressing reviewers and potential customers alike was their extraordinarily thin upper screen design. In the case of the X910C, we’re talking about a screen that’s thinner even than a smartphone. This is almost as ultra-thin as the screens of LG’s OLED 4K TVs, but without the same expensive technology at work.

The three models are, the 55 inch X900C for $2,499, the 65 inch X900C for $3,999 and the 75-inch X910C for $5,499.

Sony’s current flagship UHD TV, the XBR-75X940C is selling for $7,999 but the largest of the new models goes for quite a bit less than that, at $5,499, despite also being a 75-inch model. This particular TV is the ultra-thin X910C.

What this pricing fundamentally signifies too is that Sony isn’t so much interested in competing on price as they are in competing on a mix of price and quality. On the one hand, the company isn’t lowering its prices to anywhere near those of Vizio’s also superb but much more affordable M and P-Series 4K TVs for 2014 and 2015, but Sony’s new models are still competing, just more so against equivalent competitor models like Samsung’s new SUHD 4K TVs, which are already on sale.

Sony's X900 and X910 series TVs are part of the competition against Samsung's SUHD lines of 4K sets

Sony’s X900 and X910 series TVs are part of the competition against Samsung’s SUHD lines of 4K sets

The Samsung SUHD line in fact has a very similar price profile while delivering the same quantum dot color enhancing technology and the added bonus of HDR expansion in at least one of their SUHD models. Sony is doing the same with its flagship X940C and X930C but at a higher price.

The three TVs that come out in January will not have the same type of HDR compatibility as Samsung’s TVs built into them but they do come with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range technology and it certainly offers some superbly inky blacks while also giving up very good brightness for an overall contrast range that almost rivals that of LG’s OLED 4K TVs.

However, for real HDR-level contrast, X-Tented Dynamic Range isn’t enough and you’d have to go for X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro, only available in the X930C and the X940C Sony TVs, which are more expensive than Samsung’s genuinely HDR-capable JS9500 and JS9000 models.


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