Sony adds HDR support to three more of its 2015 4K UHD TVs

by on September 21, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 21, 2015

Sony is one of the main TV manufacturers which supports the development of high dynamic range (HDR) in its 4K Television models for 2015 and as such the company is adding the technology to three more models for this year.

Existing Sony HDR-capable TVs consist solely of the X930C and its nearly identical cousin the X940C, which also stands as Sony’s pinnacle of a flagship TV for 2015. Now however, the X850C, X900C and X910C 4K UHD models will also include HDR video content viewing functionality via a soon-to-arrive firmware update that will be delivered via the TVs’ internet connections.

Furthermore, Sony is offering a pot sweetening bonus of $100 of HDR content for buyers of any of these TVs during the fall, for access to HDR-encoded 4K UHD movies like “The Amazing Spider Man 2,” Men in Black 3,” “After Earth” and “Fury” via the Amazon streaming Instant Video app and from Sony Pictures Home entertainment.

HDR content for 4K programming creates a whole new level of dynamic range for viewers

HDR content for 4K programming creates a whole new level of dynamic range for viewers

These movies will be Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s first ever HDR selections for consumer home audiences and also represent the first ever feature-film titles available in HDR from Amazon Instant Video. The company has begun streaming 4K UHD HDR content only as of earlier this year and other HDR offerings from Amazon include the Original Series “Transparent”, “Mozart in the Jungle” and a pilot episode of the Amazon Original Series “Red Oaks.

All of these titles and the above-mentioned movies will be available through the Amazon Instant Video app on these and the other Sony HDR-capable 4K TVs. They will also of course be available on any other Sony TVs or TVs from other brands which make 4K televisions but in these other cases the HDR-encoded programming from Amazon will be delivered without its high dynamic range.

According to Mike Fasulo, Sony’s President, “Sony has always been a leader in HDR, from our HDR-enabled professional cameras, to Sony Pictures produced and edited HDR content, to our expanded line of HDR compatible TVs, only Sony can bring you the full HDR viewing experience from the lens to the living room.”

While Sony definitely has a lot invested in HDR content, Amazon and Sony Pictures aren’t alone in the development of this technology: Netflix is also working on releasing its own 4K UHD content with HDR encoded into it and other TV makers like LG and Samsung have also developed their own 4K HDR TVs.

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