Sony 4K TVs are incapable of watching the Sky Q UK content service, but a fix is on the way

by on August 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 16, 2016

Owners of Sony’s 2015 and 2015 4K TVs in the United Kingdom found themselves suddenly, surprisingly excluded from enjoying the latest addition to the world of 4K UHD entertainment sources in the UK this weekend when their TVs completely failed to display the new 4K content in question.

This weekend, 4K TV owners with a subscription to Sky’s brand spanking new Sky Q 4K content service whose home entertainment models were Sony’s 2015 and 2016 ultra HD models found out that upon trying to watch the new provider’s satellite broadcast subscription content, their otherwise perfectly good Sony 4K TVs would completely break down into useless judder.

A surge of complaints and comments on assorted audio/video forums across the web showed that there was plenty of anger and confusion generated by the serious Sony TV accessibility glitch and there were even cases of owners rushing back to stores in order to return their televisions.

Sky and Sony both responded quite quickly due to the outrage by their customers and Sony, the company mainly at fault for this Sky Q 4K viewing glitch has promised that a permanent fix is quickly going to be arriving.

In the meantime, both companies have suggested temporary fixes which can at least partly alleviate the 4K content problem between Sony’s TVs and Sky’s ultra HD entertainment offerings: One offered solution was as simple as turning the TV off and on again while another suggested switching AV inputs and then back to the original input that’s connected to Sky’s receiver. A more drastic but stable solution to the problem was for owners of the 4K TVs in question to turn off their Sky receiver’s capacity for outputting 4K content and instead switch it to Full HD instead, thus at least guaranteeing clean content reception, even if it can thus only be enjoyed as upscaled Full HD entertainment instead of a native 4K feed.

Sky offers a selection of set-top boxes for content streaming but the Sky Q Silver is the company's 4K-capable box

Sky offers a selection of set-top boxes for content streaming but the Sky Q Silver is the company’s 4K-capable box

Obviously enough, for consumers who paid good money for their 4K TVs and even more good subscription money for Sky’s 4K content offerings in particular, this last temporary suggestion is hardly a welcome solution, even if it is temporary.

It now seems to be clear that this juddering issue for 4K Content was caused by a sort of software incompatibility between Sony’s UHD TVs in how they red Sky’s 4K signal and it is also odd that Sky didn’t catch the problem before the roll-out of its service, when the company presumably tested their 4K content on 4K TVs from all the major brands available in the UK.

In any case, the problem hasn’t been noted by users of any other 4K TV brands and for those UK users of Sky Q 4K who do own a Sony 4K TV, the software fix will soon be delivered painlessly, quickly and free of more hassle via their TVs’ internet connections.

Sony hasn’t specified an exact date for the necessary software fix as of this writing, likely because the company itself doesn’t know when it will be ready but we can probably assume that the issue will be resolved before this week has even finished. In the meantime, Full HD and 4K upscaling are the order of the day for Sky subscribers with Sony 4K TVs.

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