Sony 2018 4K TVs Continue With OLED And Improved HDR At CES 2018

by on January 9, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 9, 2018

CES 2017 was the first year in which Sony rolled out its very own 4K OLED TV. The display panel was pure LG technology under license but the rest of that rather impressive television was pure Sony hardware. HDR TVs from the brand were also greatly expanded and improved in the 2017 lineup, as we ourselves can attest to from our reviews of all their major models for that year.

Now, for CES 2018, Sony is delivering even better, more developed versions of these same core features with its latest television models, and adding Google Voice Assistant to them, much like LG will be doing for its 2018 releases as well.

Starting things off, we have the 2018 Sony OLED lineup, which consists of the replacement to last years A1E. The 2018 model has been dubbed the A8F and will include full, probably brighter-than-ever OLED display technology while also having an updated, enhanced version of the audio system that let the 2017 A1E broadcast sound directly from the TV screen itself. The new OLED model even has a similar design to last year’s model. This will furthermore once again be a full HDR TV with support for HDR10, Dolby Vision, and possibly with support for HDR10+ if it takes off as expected. We can also probably look forward to a similar release price tag as that of the 2017 model, with the 55 inch edition going for around $5000 and the 65 inch model starting off at $6500. The 2017 A1E sold at these prices when released in early 2017 and finished off last year retailing for about $3000 to $4000 for the 55 inch and 65 inch editions respectively.

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The new Sony 2018 A8F TV

The new Sony 2018 A8F OLED TV

Moving beyond its OLED flagship, we of course have the first of the so-far always dependable new premium HDR LCD Bravia TVs by Sony. Sticking to Sony’s wonderfully consistent naming sequence for its TVs, the new models are called the X900F-Series (as opposed to 2017’s X900E-Series, or 2016 900D) and they will represent this year’s replacements to the X900E. We can probably look forward to X900F models being released very soon in 49 inch, 55 inch, 75 inch and 85 inch versions. We assume that they’ll offer performance similar to that of Sony’s 2017 X930E premium TV in an effort to expand upon what the still superb 2017 X900E is capable of. We don’t know yet if they’ll come with the full-array LED backlighting of the X940E single size 2017 flagship model or the 55 and 65 inch X900E’s and X930E edge-lit backlighting that we were rather impressed with in our 2017 reviews due to their exceptionally high peak brightness and remarkably good local dimming by edge-lit TV display standards.

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We’re also waiting to hear about 2018 replacements for Sony’s 2017 X930E and X940E premium models.

Google Voice Assistant will be present in all the high-end 2018 Sony TVs and all of them will be fully HDR-ready as we said above, with multi-format high dynamic range support.

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