System76 Ubuntu-powered Laptops Include 4K Display and Kaby Lake CPU Options

by on March 13, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 12, 2017

Linux users and fans of Ubuntu are probably quite familiar with the PC machines of System76. The company’s machines come with Ubuntu pre-installed but are also flexible enough to handle Linux distros like Fedora, Mint or others without a problem. In addition to these highly flexible characteristics, System76’s machines deliver some great specs, potential specs upgrades and great usability overall.

Now, as of just a couple weeks ago, System76 has been improving some of their notebook machines even further by giving them major cutting-edge hardware upgrades that include Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processing chipsets, the option of 4K UHD laptop display and the inclusion of NVIDIA GTX 10 GPU technology. The specific laptops to which these augmentations apply consist of the Oryx Pro, Serval WS and Bonobo WS notebook editions. Oryx already offered 4K and GTX 10 options for its pricier versions but the inclusion of Kaby Lake 7th generation Intel chips is new for all three notebooks. The Oryx Pro, Serval WS and Bonobo WS come priced between $1,399 and $2,799, depending on model and specific configuration.

System76 will also soon be releasing a new mid-range Galago Pro laptop as part of its lineup. We haven’t yet confirmed if this new machine will also offer an option for 4K display or include Kaby Lake 7th Gen CPU support.

The System76 Oryx Pro

The System76 Oryx Pro

According to a community manager at System76, Ryan Sipes,

“The Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS are very popular products for professionals as they feature all the necessary ports and plenty of power. System76 is proud to continue iterating on these products, keeping up with the taxing workloads of our customers who are doing big things,”

According to System76, the HiDPI displays on these laptops offer up 3.1 million more pixels than what you’d get from an Apple Retina display and this makes them ideal for great, highly detailed photo and video editing projects that multimedia professionals might want to handle.

Once again, the 4K display options on these three laptop editions are completely optional and users who want the power of Kaby Lake 7TH gen processing and NVIDIA GTX 10 GPU graphics can absolutely save money and enjoy further performance speed boosts by simply going for a 1080p HD display in their machines when doing custom configurations for ordering on the System76 website.

Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake chipset options

Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake chipset options

It’s also worth noting here that all three laptops can be configured for use with Windows 10 under license and even with the price of the proprietary Windows 10 OS software license you’d have to pay for this option, these laptops are more affordable than many rivals with pre-installed Windows software. The combination of Windows 10 and 7th gen Kaby Lake CPU power in the  Oryx Pro, Serval WS and Bonobo WS would also make them capable of playing back streamed 4K video from consumer sources like Netflix and others.

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