SKY TV is teasing at a new product and it may be 4K Ultra HD related

by on November 3, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 3, 2015

Sky, the rather innovative company that has previously stuck its mitts into the 4K UHD content market, is about to announce the launch of a product or service that many industry sources are claiming to be Sky’s most “significant” new product in quite a while.

According to the latest news, the subscription TV content provider has already sent out invitations for an event that will be held on the 18th of November and will feature an announcement with the running tag of “It’s time to set your TV free”.

This is of course some very mysterious, ambiguous PR fluff from Sky so far but there is a consensus in much of the press that Sky’s announcement will involve the launch of a new set-top box that offers support for 4K Ultra HD video streams or downloads. Sky has supposedly been working on a “SkyQ” ultra HD box for a while now and we should also note that the company hasn’t refreshed its set-top hardware since all the way back in 2006, when the SKY+HD box was originally launched.

A new, more modern 4K set-top box is way overdue after the 206 release of Sky's Sky HD box

A new, more modern 4K set-top box is way overdue after the 206 release of Sky’s Sky HD box

We have already covered the possibility of a SkyQ release with 4K built into it but our original speculation was apparently a bit premature, now however, we may be looking at the real deal.

If true, the new 4K set-top box that Sky will possibly release should offer access to at least some degree of 4K Ultra HD content streaming and thus give subscribers to the service access to video which comes with more than 4 times the resolution of ordinary Full HD. Furthermore, we might even be able to look forward to the prospect of HDR encoding into Sky’s box, thus letting it offer users a range of visual specs that not only include super UHD resolution but also a much wider, more realistic range of contrast levels via high dynamic range technology.

Users with 4K TVs that support HDR will be more than happy to see one more set-top option hit the market, especially now in the wake of recent releases of similar products by companies such as Amazon, Nvidia and Roku, all of which are now selling their own 4K streaming media boxes with some variation in the quality and quantity of ultra HD content that they offer.

Furthermore, on overseas markets in the U.K, BT also recently launched a 4K set-top box of its own which offers the highly unique twist of being able to deliver streaming LIVE 4K ultra HD content via ultra-high speed internet connectivity to the homes of subscribers who have a 4K UHD TV already. Currently, all such streaming media set-top boxes also offer access to 4K UHD content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, the two reigning kings of online 4K entertainment for the moment.

From what we’ve heard, Sky’s new SkyQ box –if indeed it’s what the company will announce—will also possibly come with cool new features like live TV access, recorded shows and on-demand video content all in one single package.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll know for sure on the 18th of November and definitely keep you posted with updates when they emerge.

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