Apparently, Sky is also on the verge of launching its SkyQ 4K box, in just a few weeks

by on July 27, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 27, 2015

According to the latest news from “The Telegraph”, Sky is just weeks away from releasing what it calls the “SkyQ” 4k set-top TV box, which will let subscribers either record or watch four different programs at the same time. Obviously, the SkyQ box will also offer them access to 4K programming.

Furthermore, the box from Sky will also share broadcast content with assorted other display devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones and of course TVs of both the HD and 4K UHD variety.

This new 4K media player box from Sky has been in the works for some time and originally went by the name “Project Ethan”. Now, however as BT Sport opens its 4K sportscasts to the UK and European markets of viewers via their own Ultra HD box, Sky has had to move forward with a release of the SkyQ.

Unlike the BT UHD box, which runs on YouView technology, Sky’s box is going to offer a sort of Netflix-like user menu with navigation designed to make live TV and on-demand content browsing both easy. Other sources have compared the new Sky box to Apple TV’s slick, easy to use interface. Furthermore, the software inside the SkyQ will apparently learn users’ preferences and use them to make suggestions for ideal future programming choices. The aim of the box seems to be to muddy the clear cut line between live content, recorded video and on-demand video content.

BT Sport has forced Sky to release its own 4K media box early it seems.

BT Sport has forced Sky to release its own 4K media box early it seems.

This new venture into 4K from Sky is also quite early in the arrival. The devices launch was originally scheduled for 2016 but now that BT has emerged with their 4K streaming and on-demand content box and accompanying subscription services, Sky’s hand has been forced to move faster.

We still have no word on the exact release date of the new SkyQ box or whether it will deliver 4K content right upon release but it’s definitely coming very soon and will almost certainly get more coverage from Sky as the company kicks off the Premier League season in the coming days.

One thing we do know is that the SkyQ box will definitely feature high quality content that will be shareable to other devices: Sky has renegotiated several rights deals with major broadcasters to allow the company to offer the feature of sharing programs and videos from within the SkyQ box to external mobile devices.

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