Sky Q’s 4K-Ready set-top boxes are on sale now in the U.K

by on February 10, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 10, 2016

It seems that Sky has opened up pre-order sales of its Sky Q streaming entertainment set-top box and service already, ahead of the dleivery launch later in February.

The new basic Sky Q box will cost subscribers £42 per month and can record up to 3 TV channels at the same time in 1080p HD onto a 1TB hard disk while you watch a fourth program at the same time.

On the other hand, the premium Sky Q Silver box offers up a 2TB hard drive storage for recording up to four different channels at the same time while watching a fifth live and costs £54 per month. Furthermore, the Sky Q Silver box is the 4K-Ready version of the two and comes compatible with Sky Q mini boxes which can be used for multi-room viewing, each of these Sky Q box devices costing £99 for installation to homes already subscribed to a Sky Q service or homes which agree to sign up to Sky Q Sports, Movies or Broadband services upon contracting the boxes as well. Through its total of 12 tuners, the Sky Q Silver also takes multi-room content distribution through these Sky Q Mini boxes to a new level, going beyond the 8 tuners available in the £42 basic Sky Q box with Full HD capability.

Customers who aren’t already subscribed to Sky Broadband, Sky Sports, or Sky Movies services from Sky will also get a discount on their installations of the Sky Q and Sky Q Silver boxes if they sign up for the above services when ordering one of the two set-top boxes, which normally would cost £249 and £299 respectively to install.

We don’t yet know how the eventual arrival of 4K service will fit into these Sky Q packages or if it will cost extra when it does but what we’ve seen so far clearly indicates that only the Sky Q Silver will offer a complete 4K content package similar to those currently on offer from multiple online streaming sources, since this is the set-top box which comes with HDMI 2.0 silicon already built-into it for a later firmware update for 4K UHD capacity into the service.


4K services from Sky Q will come only later in 2016 and for now, both of the boxes are limited to different degrees of Full HD content sharing. It’s also obvious but worth noting that cusotmers who wish to enjoy Sky’s eventual 4K content packages will need to also own a 4K UHD TV with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 built into it.

Furthermore, the new Sky Q service from both set-top boxes is getting a new user interface that’s designed for maximal ease of use and is reputed to be far superior to its predecessor, found in the Sky Guide system. The new UI puts images right at the forefront of its layout and offers an overall cleaner, less cluttered design for much smoother and simpler menu, apps and content navigation.

Sky Q and Sky Q Silver can now be ordered right from the Sky company website or over the phone and as of the 12th of February will also be available in-store at select retailers. All installations will start being delivered at the end of February in the U.K.

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