Sky Q, Sky’s new 4K box is coming and it will bring UHD sports, multi-device viewing

by on November 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 18, 2015

After lots of speculation, some of it from our own site in recent weeks, Sky has finally made the formal announcement about its biggest set-top entertainment innovation in years. It’s called the Sky Q streaming media box and it’s promising a plethora of awesome new services and features, not least among them 4K ultra HD video streaming capacity.

The upcoming Sky Q box is not only a new piece of set-top media entertainment technology, it’s also a new system for watching TV in general, at least according to the (reasonably believable we think) hype from Sky itself.

The main new addition to Sky’s entertainment technology is specifically called the Sky Q Silver box and it will feature a whopping 12 different tuners so that users throughout a house can put together as many as four different recordings at the same time and also watch live TV programming from other rooms and the screens in them.

Furthermore, the Sky Q Silver will come with a Bluetooth-powered remote control and the manufacturer is also going to release a second Sky Q option that’s called the Sky Q “Mini”, for watching entertainment content even without a connection to a satellite dish. This “Mini” box will access the same content as the main Sky Q Silver version.

The most recent previous Sky set-top HD box was released several years ago

The most recent previous Sky set-top HD box was released several years ago

Another feature of the Sky Q system will include a mobile application that lets users watch content that’s been recorded on the main device in their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets at least, possibly also laptops, on demand and the app will even also allow viewing of live streamed content on these same devices within WiFi range of the main set-top box. Furthermore, recordings can be made via download for easy offline viewing down the road from a mobile device.

Most importantly of all though, the new Sky Q set-top system will enable Sky to shuttle broadcasts in full 4K ultra HD resolution to users who have the new box and of course a 4K UHD TV to view its content with. This will be a premium service with an additional cost but it nonetheless opens the world of content for ultra HD TV to one more potentially major source of professional entertainment in a full 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

The main Sky Q box is going to be designed for recording and viewing of multiple shows at the same time as part of its user features and will also feature a completely new interface that’s supposed to be both highly intuitive and very user friendly, consisting of numerous tiles with images for quick access to content and other parts of the system OS.

In simple terms, the upcoming Sky Q box is quite a leap ahead of many existing set-top technologies in the way by which it blurs all the lines between live, streamed, recorded and on-demand content. Furthermore, the list of content sharing features for other devices that it offers is definitely unique in the current set-top media box landscape.

Almost needless to say, Sky’s new Sky Q system is a direct and very powerful competitor to existing streaming media platforms like the Amazon Fire TV box, BT Sport, Nvidia Shield 4K box and the 4K Joey. The new box will also offer access to many of the same third party entertainment apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video etc while also in a way competing with these same services, particularly Amazon and BT Sport, who both have their own media boxes on the market.

Users who want their hands on the Sky Q box and also wish to get a handle on all of its extended 4K sports and other content streaming capabilities would do best to also have a 4K ultra HD TV in their hands. Fortunately, the market for these TVs is also seeing some of the biggest discounts on previous retail prices in all of its history, thanks to upcoming Black Friday sales which will be kicking off in the next week.

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