Sky nails a price to its eventually 4K streaming service: Sky Q coming for purchase in February to the UK

by on January 29, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 29, 2016

Sky’s 4K streaming service is ready and coming to consumers with a firm price stamped onto it. It looks like the company will be launching the new Sky Q set-top box in February and at least the entry level package is going to cost a very reasonable amount.

Sky has confirmed that their entire Sky Q subscription and set-up packages works as follows:

Customers who already have Sky Broadband or Sky Sports or Sky Movies packages in place can get their hands on the basic 8-tuner Sky Q set-top box with 4K streaming for a £99 one-time installation cost and subsequent monthly payments of £42 for the subscription. The £99 cost covers setup and installation fees but Sky itself retains ownership of the set-top box and other equipment.

On the other hand, customers who don’t already have their hands on Sky Broadband, Sky Sports or Sky Movies packages will have to fork over a much heftier £249 up-front setup/installation payment or can also open subscriptions to Sky Sports or Movies to get the lower £99 price right off the bat.

Then there’s Sky Q Silver, which is what you could call the “premium” Sky Q set-top box and which comes with a whopping 12 tuners and more connectivity options. The Sky Q Silver package costs the same £99 in up-front setup fees for existing subscribers of the services mentioned above but then goes on to cost £54 per month instead of £42. For this larger Silver service, users who want it without already being subscribers to Sky Sports, Movies or Broadband and with no interest in adding those services for the attending discount upon subscription will have to pay £299 in up-front installation costs.

This may seem like a steep price for the Sky Q Silver set-top box with 12 tuners and 4K streaming but this premium package does come with some cool goodies. Q Silver comes with Sky TV for two rooms through the main Q Silver box and an included Sky Q Mini box and with this there is also the ability to stream content to two tablets, capture recordings of content through Sky Q’s app and also to record up to four shows at the same time while watching a fifth show live.

As we’ve alluded, the Sky Q basic and Sky Q Silver packages don’t some with Sky Movies or Sky Sports included and each of these additional services has their own distinct cost, with Movies going for £17 per month and Sports for £25.50 extra. Getting them both comes at a cost of £34.50 per month and thus amounts to a fairly hefty £88.50 monthly fee for all that Sky has to offer.

Furthermore, we need to stress that none of the above includes 4K content streaming quite yet! The service isn’t available at this moment and isn’t set to arrive for at least a couple of months by the looks of it, with no guarantee that it won’t come at its own special extra price tag. Thus, for those of you who are interested in subscribing, you can just as easily do it via your HDTV, though the full eventual value of the whole Sky Q package will be best appreciated through 4K UHD TVs from 2015 and 2016.

Sky's other set-top NOW TV box, slated for arrival later in 2016 and likely to include UHD 4K capacity

Sky’s other set-top NOW TV box, slated for arrival later in 2016 and likely to include UHD 4K capacity

Pre-orders for the new Sky Q box packages will be open as of the 9th of February and installations will start at the end of that month.

We’ve also gotten word that Sky has revealed a new Now TV set-top box that looks remarkably like a Roku 4 and based on its appearance and the hardware we suspect it has inside it, this box will also support 4K UHD content, though we have little in the way of deeper details on this as of now.

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  • Gadgety
    January 30, 2016 at 3:12 am

    So what 4K content will there be? Sports will probably be fantastic. What about movies, since there’s a lack of original material will they all be upsampled to 4K?


    • Stephen
      January 31, 2016 at 1:55 pm

      We’re working on a post that covers Sky Q’s actual 4K content roster and will post it as soon as possible. Our assumption is that there will indeed be at least a moderate selection of movies and TV shows, possibly licensed from other providers of native 4K content. Live sports will be a definite feature of the company’s 4K content service when it goes online and this will likely include some stiff competition with what BT 4K streaming in the U.K is offering (which includes Netflix 4K content under license, in addition to sportscasts).


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