Sky has confirmed the impending release of their first batch of 4K UHD movies

by on April 19, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 19, 2016

After months of speculation, Sky Q media box releases with 4K content coming “soon” and then pricing schedules for all the services which would eventually deliver 4K content access, Sky has finally gotten down to the meat of the issue and revealed when the first batches of its actual 4K ultra HD movie content will be arriving and with what titles for the next-gen Sky Q satellite TV service for U.K viewers.

The British broadcaster has confirmed a deal with Sony Pictures for the arrival of a whole load of exclusive content to their new Sky Q subscribers.

Furthermore, as part of the deal, some of the titles to be include will be the very latest in Sony releases.

For hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of Sky Q subscribers, this will be a major chance to get their hands on a number of Sony blockbuster movies more than a year ahead of the schedule offered by any other U.K streaming media subscription service. Some of the movies will hit the Sky satellite 4K package just a few months after their theater releases.

Possible and confirmed titles for the Sky Q 4K streams include movies like the new Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Money Monster and Inferno.

There will also be selections of older films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Philadelphia, Lawrence of Arabia and the Karate Kid, along with newer movies like the Men in Black trilogy.

 the Sky Q and 4K Sky Q Silver set-top boxes

the Sky Q and 4K Sky Q Silver set-top boxe

This news release from Sky likely reflects some growing market pressure on the service provider to deliver the 4K goods, given that 4K UHD Blu-ray discs are already available in the U.K now along with other streaming 4K video sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which now offer HDR 4K UHD content as well.

The 4K offerings will only be available on Sky’s Q Silver premium set-top box and not the Sky Q basic box. The Sky Q Silver package costs £99 in up-front setup fees for existing subscribers of the services mentioned above but then goes on to cost £54 per month. New subscribers who aren’t already customers of Sky Sports, Movies or Broadband will have to pay £299 in up-front installation costs.

We can likely expect the new 4K content to arrive to Sky Q Silver in August. The fact that it’s coming has become definite but the company still doesn’t mention a specific date.

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