Sharp Electronics is Partnering with Moviemakers to get creative about bulidng 4K TVs

by on November 18, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 18, 2014

Sharp Electronics, while in the midst of heavy competition from rivals like LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic is attempting to build a strong connection with the filmmaking community via Ultra HD TV technology.

This is one of the company’s latest strategies for staying on top of its game in the UHD electronics industry and as a result the electronics maker is being creative about how it promoting and further developing its new line of Aquos 4K UHD TV models. The company is partnering and working together with the companies and personalities that are at the cutting edge of video and audio technology, in other words, the most knowledgeable and discriminating minds in the market in question.

Only very recently, the “Sharp Art of Amazing” campaign sponsored by the company finished off its 2nd annual 4K Film Competition (which we’ve already covered). In this event, Sharp had asked filmmakers of all types to submit their best efforts at making movies with the latest in ultra HD camera technology available.

The finalists of the competition were chosen to be a part of a unique screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California, where for a number of the filmmakers, the occasion was the first time their own movies were promoted to a live public audience.

Sharp also partnered with companies such as RED, the popular professional 4K video camera maker, to offer up a number of prizes to the contenders. These some of the latest included Sharp Ultra HD TVs as well as RED professional 4K ultra HD video cameras.

RED Scarlet 4K video camera

Renowned 4K video camera manufacturer RED is one of Sharp’s partners in developing better 4K video and film technology awareness

The films shown and reviewed were judged mainly by their creativity and the number of online votes they received from the wider public. Judges for the competition also judged submitted filmed based on technical characteristics such as visual effects, lighting and post-production quality.

Sharp Electronics has viewed their sponsored event as not only a powerful tool for promoting their TVs but also a great refining process for further future improvement and development of newer model 4K TVs.

According to Mark Viken, VP of Brand marketing at Sharp, “Sharp looks at Art of Amazing as a window into the filmmaking community. Through this program we spend hours speaking with filmmakers, reviewing breathtaking 4K UHD films and discussing the importance of meeting the highest standards in picture performance.”

He also explained that the event and its process provide Sharp with a fantastic insight into the minds of those who most know about producing and displaying high quality video content in a way that shows true display quality, stating that everything learned at Art of Amazing’s 4K film competition is going to be taken into consideration when the company develops future ultra HD products.

Sharp Electronics is also working with THX, the division of Lucasfilm that developed high end audio/video playback standards for studio production movies, to have their TV models tested and approved by the people at THX for the highest standards of playback quality, which reflect the original filming quality of the studios themselves. Currently, this level of certification from THX is highly coveted by both TV makers and discerning audiences.

As part of this wider process, THX engineers actually visit Sharp’s factories and evaluate the TVs during their development and testing so that they can check in detail if the 4K models in question will meet the standards needed for a THX seal of approval.

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