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Sharp Kicks off its Amazing Art of 4K Film Competition

by on July 22, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 22nd, 2014

Sharp Electronics Corporation announced the return of its Sharp Amazing 4K Film Competition in Mahwah New Jersey yesterday. The competition, which encourages filmmakers to showcase the benefits of 4K UHD resolution filming through the creation of competing short length 4K films, is the second one held so far by Sharp and is being done in cooperation with digital film technology makers THX and RED. Total prizes to be given out by the end of this years competition will consist of $65,000 in goodies and cash.

Sharp is one of the World’s leaders, along with Sony, Samsung and LG, in the development and sales of 4K display and filming technologies such as PC monitors, TVs, cameras and even projectors. It was Sharp who, in 2013 introduced the industry’s first THX Certified 4K TV. Now they are following through on this tradition by also soon releasing two newer THX 4K Certified TVs in September of this year. These will be the Sharp AQUOS series and will come in 60” inch and 70” inch diagonal screen sizes.

According to Sharp’s vice president of brand marketing Mark Viken, “If you’ve experienced high-quality 4K content on  a beautiful large screen Ultra HD TV, you know high resolution can allow viewers to see more, feel more and actually experience more”. “We share filmmakers’ passion for delivering the ultimate high resolution entertainment experience and look forward to seeing this year’s submissions”.

The Art of Amazing 4K Film Competition will include more finalists more prizes and more expert judges in this year’s round.

THX, who certifies display products for their capacity to deliver the picture quality of professional production studios and RED, who is a major manufacturer of professional UHD 4K production cameras such as the now famous among fans SCARLET X are two returning partners for the competition.

Also present on the panel of judges will be Lucasfilm, the California Film Institute and Adobe, maker of creative video and photo editing software.

Also, for the first time, all the films submitted to this year’s 4K Film Festival will also be considered for the California Film Institute’s internationally famous Mill Valley Film Festival, which will be held in October 2 to the 12th of this year.

Film submissions are going on until September 7th and the finalists will be announced on September 14th, when fans can view all of the finalist films and vote for their favorite while also having a chance to win a 4K prize package.

The grand prize winner of the Festival will be given a Sharp 70” inch THX 4K certified AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV with a value of $4,500, a 6K SCARLET X RED Dragon Camera package and a trip for two to CES 2015 in Las Vegas where their winning film will be screened again.

Sharp’s involvement in this 4K festival is part of a larger trend by 4K manufacturers to promote the powerful new resolution technology as widely as possible to consumer audiences. Sony has also been involved in 4K promotion when they recently filmed select FIFA World Cup matches in 4K and broadcast them live to limited audiences in the United Kingdom.

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  • Patrick
    June 29, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    DO NOT BUY SHARP. I decided to not buy Sony for once and buy the king of large screen Sharp.
    It started having problems less than 2 years of ownership, and then we had to get a replacement. Then after another 3 years it had the same issue!

    Bad screen!

    My Sony flatscreen which was older by almost 7 years outlasted it and works still.

    Sharp also has a horrible warranty and their service is not helpful.
    I read others had the same problems. Apparently Sharp was sold to another company and hasn’t been the same since!

    My 70” Sharp flatpanel screen from 2014 is sitting behind a tv repair in Pasadena waiting to be recycled.


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