Sadly, TCL Cancels 50 And 65 Inch Models Of Its Excellent P-Series 4K HDR TV

by on August 21, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 21, 2017

We’re currently right on the verge of publishing our in-depth review of TCL’s 2017 P-Series 4K HDR P607 television and after examining this model’s specs and performance, we can safely say that it’s one heck of a performer for its amazingly affordable price. The P-Series delivers nearly everything most consumers could want: full high dynamic range support, excellent image quality, superb contrast ratios, a solid smart TV system (Roku TV) and even the inclusion of full-array local dimming.  We’d even go as far as to say that even when compared to some premium 4K HDR TVs from the Big Brands, the TCL P-Series performs amazingly well in certain key premium metrics of display quality and that’s quite a thing to say about a 55 inch HDR 4K ultra HD TV that costs well below $700.

The above is also the reason why we’re not pleased to hear that TCL won’t be releasing 50 inch and 65 inch versions of this great budget-priced model in 2017. The company originally released the 55 inch P607 as its first run of the 2017 P-series with promises to unveil the 65 inch and 50 inch models as of July or afterwards this year. The 50 inch model was slated to sell for just $500 and the 65 inch version for an also excellent price of $1000. Both were to include all of the same standard and premium specs found in the 55 inch model that’s already selling.

Then, all of a sudden and without having yet given a sensible reason for their decision, TCL announced that only the 55 inch P-Series would be available to consumers. They simply cancelled the release of the other two sizes. We ourselves have reached out to TCL to see if they can reveal a bit more about their reasoning for the cancellation but until we get a reply, there’s this, which TCL stated in a reply to CNET:

“We’ll be shifting our focus from the remaining 2017 P-Series models (50 and 65 inches) to the next-generation P-Series portfolio featuring new, cutting-edge technology to further enhance the home entertainment experience.”


Okay, that’s just fine and we look forward to seeing just how good those next-generation models will be after how pleased we were with the 2017 P607. However, if the company has already put together and started shipping their 55 inch version, was it not possible to simply do the same for the originally promised 50 and 65 inch models? Would manufacturing and releasing these other sizes of a TV whose price and quality make it nearly a guaranteed hot seller have been that difficult for the remaining months of 2017 and into 2018 until the traditional 4K TV release cycle in March – June that most manufacturers follow?

We stress this again, the TCL P-Series has shown itself to be one very good 4K TV for it price and even to some extent by premium television standards. It offers support for both the high-end Dolby Vision HDR standard and the more common HDR10 format and we love its full-array LED backlighting with multi-zone local dimming. But, despite these features, the 55 inch model alone is not enough to offer a broad consumer base the options they’d want. Had TCL gone ahead with their release of further 50 inch and 65 inch models (we would have also loved to see a 75 inch version go on sale), they could have given the mid-range TVs of all the other major brands some serious competition in the 4K HDR market.

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  • Nicholas
    August 28, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I was really looking forward to the 65 inch p series and had planned on buying one when it came out this fall. Now will have to start looking for something else.


  • Annoyed
    August 28, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Absolute dumbest decision ever made.

    I was eagerly waiting for the 50″ model because 55″ is just too much for a small room where I game, and considering 4K gaming on consoles will be something to come this Fall, this decision made absolutely no sense. The TV’s best features are specifically for gaming, ie. HDR 10, Wide-color, low input lag, response times, etc.

    Horrible decision by TCL. Now I’ll be looking for something else because my new Xbox 1X arrives in Fall. I don’t have time to wait for TCL to develop something new.


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