Samsung’s Gigantic 88 Inch 4K HDR Q9F TV Isn’t Worth Its Also Huge Price

by on August 3, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 3, 2017

The Samsung 2017 QLED line of 4K HDR TVs is the company’s very latest in flagship television technology and, at least according to Samsung and some reviewers, represents the very best that this company has yet produced in the 4K TV marketplace. While we ourselves actually slightly disagree with this assessment due to what we’ve measured in our own reviews of these TVs, the QLEDs do deliver extraordinarily good performance by any measure. They don’t beat their 2016 counterparts in all categories but they do match or outdo them in almost all metrics of performance.

Consequently, the QLED TVs, consisting of the Q7, Q8 and Q9 models are also Samsung’s most expensive 4K TVs by far. None of them are what we’d call cheap quite yet. This applies particularly to the top-tier flagship Q9F QLED TV.  One of these costs a solid $2,499 for the 55 inch version and a whopping $8,999 for the 75 inch edition. Even more expensive, stunningly so however, is the 88 inch Q9F model. Its sheer size means some very impressive visuals indeed but what really gets to us is the price for which Samsung is offering this particular version of their very best 2017 television. It’s priced at $20,000. Just pause for a moment to consider that, and ask yourself why an extra 13 inches of display over those of the 75 inch version mean a price twice as high.

What you get for that price is the exact same essential specs and performance as those found in the 75 inch and smaller Q9F flagship editions. This means full ultra HD 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR color with nearly 100% DCI-3 wide color gamut (the best we’ve yet seen in any 4K HDR TV from any brand to-date in fact), incredibly rich, deep contrast ratios and a native 120Hz refresh rate with some truly stunning motion handling features. Then there’s the full top-tier Samsung package of smart TV features, full smart remote and a virtually bezel-free design with a flat screen display that can be mounted to a wall almost flush thanks to Samsung’s 1.88mm transparent cable for carrying all connectivity over to the TV’s separate One Connect box instead of the back of this giant of a television..

Best of all, there is Samsung’s new metallic quantum dot technology in the QLED lineup and in the Q9F in particular. This specialized filter layer of metallic quantum dots that the company has applied over this TV’s LED backlight panel and under its pixel array creates a genuinely stunning level of color performance that no competitor TV’s we’ve yet reviewed for 2017 can match, not even LG’s otherwise superior OLED models. This is arguably the single most impressive thing about the Q9F, except of course for the 88 inch model’s size and price.

Samsung Q9F 4K HDR TV

On the other hand, the Q9F doesn’t (not even this $20,000 88 inch version) come with the considerably superior Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range format that Some Sony 4K HDR TVs and all Vizio and LG TVs do come with and unlike most 4K HDR TVs that sell at this tremendous price or anything even close to it, the Q9F, like all of Samsung’s 2017 4K TVs doesn’t come with full-array LED backlighting, which is a major omission on Samsung’s part. Yes, despite this, it still manages to deliver some stunning peak brightness levels and excellent contrast ratios but the quality of its local dimming is well behind what Sony’s comparable X940E model produces since it does have multi-zone local dimming backed by Full-array LED backlighting.

In other words, the Q9F’s smaller models do offer some fairly good value for their prices and are worthy competitors to other models like Sony’s flagship 2017 LCD 4K HDR TVs but the 88 inch Q9F is asking for far too much money for too little delivery. It’s impressive to be sure but forking over an extra $10,000 for nothing more than 13 extra inches of display space is simply not reasonable in our view. The 75 inch Q9F offers the exact same specs for far cheaper and if you want even more quality for a decent price, Sony’s 75 inch X940E is an even better overall performer in some ways for an also cheaper price.

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  • Ivan N.
    August 6, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Thanks Stephen. Which would you recommend between the 88″ Samsung Q9F and the 77″ Sony KD-77A1, if judging purely on performance?


    • Stephen
      April 29, 2019 at 12:49 pm

      Hi there Ivan. The Q9F is by far the better of the two TV models. The Sony KD-77A1 is a budget 4K TV that barely delivers HDR worth mentioning while the Q9F excels at almost every metric of picture performance for color, contrast, motion handling, gaming usability and so forth. It’s more expensive yes, but it will deliver far superior overall performance if you were to compare the two.


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