Samsung’s HDR 4K 65-inch KS9800 TV Available for Incredible Amazon Discount Price

by on May 18, 2017

Stephan Jukic – May 18, 2017

The KS9800 was Samsung’s absolute top-shelf 4K HDR SUHD TV for 2016, being the only one of last year’s models to feature the beautiful display capacity of full-array LED backlighting for its high end, ultra-premium HDR panel. Now what makes this particularly interesting is the fact that even Samsung’s other, edge-lit SUHD 2016 models like the KS9500, KS9000 and KS8000 delivered some of the best 4K TV brightness we’ve ever seen and the absolute best brightness of any 4K TV ever made right up to near the end of 2016. With its Full-array LED design, the KS9800 took the brightness of its SUHD cousins to even more impressive new levels.

Obviously enough, it was one hell of an expensive 4K TV upon its release and still remains pricey at nearly $5000 if bought directly from the Samsung website and some other online/offline retailers, where the 65 inch model still retails for nearly $3500. This is thus what makes the current and slightly “secret” discount price for a new model of this TV so impressive. We say secret because this price offer isn’t immediately visible, you have to add the TV to your shopping cart (with no obligation to check out and buy) before seeing it

On right now, you can get your hands on this stunning piece of ultra-premium 4K HDR television technology for just $2,547.99 if you buy the 65 inch model. This is a remarkably good price indeed for such a powerful TV whose display performance still easily rivals that of many 2017 new release premium HDR models. In fact, the KS98000 (and its other 2016 SUHD TV cousins) performs better than the 2017 Samsung replacement premium QLED TV, we’ve so far reviewed for this site, the Q7F.

Samsung KS9800 4K HDR TV

Moving along, aside from stunning levels of peak brightness with which the KS9800 can backlight onscreen content up to 1500 nits, this TV delivers incredible deep, rich black levels, some of the best HDR wide color performance you’ll see to-date in a 4K high dynamic range TV and best of all, it’s local dimming is downright superb. Other superb specs of the KS9800 include an excellent level of motion handling and a great compatibility with 4KHDR gaming via consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

Just about the only defect in this stunningly powerful television is its slightly curved display, though some viewers might love the look, so this complaint of ours is a bit subjective.

As we said, if you want one of the best LCD 4K HDR TVs that was available in 2016 and a model that still ranks as one of the best 4K TVs available in 2017, Amazon’s price of less than $2,600 for the 65 inch UN65KS9800 is a mean discount. Just keep in mind.

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    i want buy {Samsung’s HDR 4K 65-inch KS9800} please can you tell me the actual Price in RS/- also i live in Hyderabad Sindh so please tell me the Dealer name with shop address – Thanks


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