Samsung’s Best Ever 4K HDR TV Is On Sale Now At $800 Off For Black Friday

by on November 22, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 22, 2018

Among all the pre-Black Friday and Black Friday discounts we’ve seen so far (and there are many excellent deals on these TVs if you look at our links below), one of the most interesting might just be this one for the company’s 2018 flagship 4K TV, the Q9FN  QLED model. Why so interesting? Well, while it doesn’t offer the largest discount we’ve seen since it “only” cuts about $800 off the original price tag of this TV, this deal applies to what is easily Samsung’s best 4K TV ever in terms of quality.

The Q9FN 2018 QLED TV delivers performance specs that are simply out of this world compared to almost anything else we’ve ever seen at anywhere near its price. The Q9 2018 model is the culmination of Samsung’s best development efforts so far and the result is sincerely spectacular.

With this television we’re talking about contrast ratios of nearly 20,000:1, nearly perfect local dimming technology and some of the highest TV display brightness ever put to a 4K HDR TV. Furthermore, in terms of sheer color vibrancy and accuracy for both HDR and ordinary 4K TV content, the Q9FN 2018 edition is pretty much unbeatable by any other 4K TV we’ve reviewed so far.

In essence, it’s nearly the perfect LCD 4K HDR TV and it also looks damn stylish to boot, making it a perfect fit for nearly home entertainment setup.

With specs like these you can expect such a TV to be extremely pricey and it sort of was for most of 2018 but right now, with Amazon’s pre-Black Friday discount, the Q9FN costs less than $3000 for the very large 65 inch model and you’ll basically be saving $800 from its previous retail price if you decide to buy it now before the bigger weekend rush or stocks run out.

We reviewed the Q9F 2018 Edition earlier this year and in our sincere professional impression, this is a model that will impress even the most jaded eye with its sheer display performance.

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Check out the discount deal below:

Samsung 4K HDR Q9F QLED 4K HDR TV on sale


Check the Samsung Q9F QLED 4K HDR TV (2018 Model) for 21% off on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews
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