Samsung’s 8K Q900 65 Inch QLED HDR TV Just Got $1500 Knocked Off Its Price

by on July 23, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 23, 2019

Up to now, Samsung’s 65 inch Q900 8K QLED TV cost a pretty hefty $4,997. Now, thanks to a massive and very recent price drop, its price has been slashed by $1500 and this absolute stunner of an HDR TV is now going for just $3,497. Still expensive, yes, but read on to understand just what the Q900 offers on top of this 30% discount.

Our detailed hands-on review of Samsung’s incredible new 8K HDR TV, the Q900

The Samsung Q900 is the absolute pinnacle flagship ultra HD HDR TV of the Samsung 2019 lineup and it offers the superb specs to match. Aside from this TV’s jaw-dropping 8K resolution (which offers a total of 33.16 million pixels for the display) a whole array of other display features work to give the brand’s first mass market 8K TV an intense amount of performance appeal.

For starters, this beast of a UHD TV upscales like you wouldn’t believe. We ourselves didn’t expect an 8K TV with so much resolution to do an outstanding job of making 1080p or lower resolution content look incredible but the Q900 pulls it off like a dream, as we noted extensively in our recent review of this model. The upscaling is just the beginning though.

The Q900 is one of Samsung’s now famous QLED TVs and delivers the HDR color vibrancy to match, while also creating a fantastic level of deep black rendering, rich contrast and some of the best local dimming technology we’ve ever seen in a non-OLED HDR television. Overall, for playing back any sort of 4K HDR content, what the Q900’s 8K screen renders is quite unlike anything we’ve seen before in sheer overall richness.



Then of course there’s Samsung’s new wide angle viewing technology, which was only introduced this year in the brand’s most powerful QLED televisions. Since the Q900 represents the pinnacle of these, it comes with this feature and what that means is that for the first time ever, you can get all the black levels of a VA TV (Vertical Alignment pixels) while also enjoying extremely broad viewing angles like never before.

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Then of course there are the Q900’s connectivity, gaming, and motion handling chops. All of these are also stellar. In terms of connectivity, this particular UHD TV comes with multiple HDMI 2.1 ports, which finally also arrived in 2019 and allow you to play back 4K resolution games or video at 120Hz, instead of the 60Hz limit that has been the case for years before now. As a result, and despite having to process content across over 33 million pixels, the Q900 eats up motion blur with one amazingly fast response time, with all of its other major motion handling and interpolation specs working like a charm as well. The same HDMI 2.1 ports also deliver superbly good gaming responsiveness, regardless of the resolution you play at in your favorite console.

In basic terms, the Q900 offers nearly everything you can get from any of today’s best UHD TVs from any brand, but with 8K display that works superbly. This means top-tier quality and future-proofing for years of new content releases to come.

This deal is worth a serious look if you’re already looking out for the ultra-premium TV deal of the summer. Take a look:


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    October 21, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Yes, there are 8K TVs now. They’re rare and expensive, though. One of the very first available in North America, Samsung’s Q900, costs $5,000 for 65 inches (and $70,000 if you want a 98-inch model). It uses the same quantum dot technology as Samsung’s 4K Q9FN line, so it probably has excellent color performance, but the sticker shock still exceeds that of most OLED TVs you can buy. The 65-inch Q9FN is just over half the price at $3,000, and LG’s 65-inch


    November 5, 2019 at 10:36 pm

    Samsung’s Q90R is a great TV. It’s super bright, has amazingly accurate color, and it makes HDR pop and details sing—much like its Q9F predecessor. The recently reviewed Samsung Q900 8K UHD QLED TV, however, raised the bar for low-defect LED-backlit LCD image processing, and the 4K Q90R doesn’t quite clear it.


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