Samsung’s 2016 HDR 4K TVs selling for starting prices of $1,499, with new display and smart technology

by on April 13, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 13, 2016

2016 is really shaping up to be the year in which HDR technology in 4K TVs shines out from its experimental box. Just about all of the major brands are packing in the high dynamic range for either all of their models (even the more economical ones) or at the very least for their premium brands. We’ve seen this from Vizio’s new 2016 TVs, LG’s models, Hisense’s televsions and TCLs as well as Sony’s and of course Samsung’s 4K models.

Samsung is also taking things to some cool new edges by adding in quantum dot technology for all of its 2016 models and also kicking in a revamped Smart Hub for its smart TV Tizen OS. The Smart Hub revamp promises streamlined performance, TV setup and new device integration feautres for greater ease of use. Furthermore, the new Tizen smart OS model will serve as a hub for Samsung’s SmartThings IoT (internet of things) platform, letting users control a range of smart home devices from their Samsung 2016 smart TV.

And moving back to these new 4K TVs, the cheapest of the bunch for 2016 will be the Samsung KS8000 4K SUHD TV (comparable to 2015’s JS7000 SUHD model), which will come with a starting price of just $1,499 for its smallest 49 inch model. From there prices for the whole SUHD lineup for this year will go up, starting with the 49 inch KS8500 (comparable to last year’s JS8500 SUHD model) at $1,699 and of course, for both KS8000 and KS8500, there are also 55 and 65 inch models on sale for larger prices but essentially the same key display specs.

Next up is the KS9000, whose smallest 55 inch model is retailing for $2,299 and this edition is followed by the current (until June, see below) 2016 Samsung SUHD flagship TV, the KS9500, which is the replacement of the 2015 JS9500. The 55 inch KS9500 model is selling for a hefty but not unreasonable $2,499 and it includes the curvature which we found slightly annoying and rather pointless in 4K TVs from 2015.

Finally, there is the Samsung KS9800 soon-to-be Flagship 4K SUHD TV, which goes on sale only as of June and will be Samsung’s absolute best model for this year’s SUHD lineup. The KS9800 offers full-array backlighting and the best HDR display technology features out of all the 2016 models from the company.  Of course, with this quality, there will be a price to pay, the KS9800 goes for $4,499 for the 65 inch model.

Samsung's most affordable 2016 SUHD 4K TV, the KS8000

Samsung’s most affordable 2016 SUHD 4K TV, the KS8000

As we’ve covered extensively in our reviews of the KS9000 and KS8000 4K TVs, all of these new models include the most advanced HDR technology on the consumer market today and all are certified by the UHD Alliance as “Ultra HD Premium” 4K TVs. This means that they offer some exquisite color coverage in the 10-bit range and also manage to handle peak brightness of at least 1,100 nits and maximum black level lighting of just 0.05 nits. Almost needless to say, the visual effect in the KS9000 and KS8000 models we’ve managed to review so far is downright stunning in most ways, and definitely exceeds the color and HDR capabilities of all 2015 SUHD models except maybe the JS9500.

HDR, hwich dramatically improves TV display, is included in all the 2016 Samsung 4K TV models

HDR, hwich dramatically improves TV display, is included in all the 2016 Samsung 4K TV models

4K content selections in the new 2016 SUHD models are more robust than ever and quantum dot technology from last year’s models has also been included for even further color augmentation, aside from that offered by the TVs’ HDR specs.

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