Neither 4K or even 8K hold a candle to the 11K resolution Samsung is working on

by on July 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 13, 2015

If you thought that 4K resolution was the most awesome thing you’ve seen or heard of in digital displays and were simply awed by the potential that 8K might have down the road, then Samsung’s new 11K project is going to blow your mind.

The South Korean electronics company, working in partnership with the government of that country (to the tune of 27 million dollars over 5 years) is trying to develop an 11K resolution that packs in so many pixels it almost creates a sort of 3D effect, at least according to claims.

Samsung, which has consistently shown itself to be an innovative leader in the electronics and display industry is looking well beyond the next few years of 4K dominance and the possibilities for 8K resolution ascendance after that to release the even more fantastic future of display technology. The highly prototypical, almost theoretical 11K display that they’re trying to build won’t just offer the potential for extraordinary resolution in TV screens or something even larger, the company wants to put it into mobile devices!

Given the size of most smartphone screens, this would mean a pixel density of more than 2250 pixels per square inch, far beyond anything currently available on the market or even in advanced development.

The company isn’t doing this alone of course, and it has, as we mentioned, partnered with the Korean government for a 27 million dollar 5 year investment and at the same time, is working with 13 other companies to some degree or another on this new display technology.

The Project itself is called EnDK and was just recently kicked off in June, 2015. However, Samsung expects to have a prototype display ready by some time in 2018. This means that this almost unbelievable screen prototype might even be commercially available in smartphones and other display devices by 2019, with more than four times the pixels of even current quad-HD mobile displays being released by Samsung already.

Furthermore, the 11K resolution display technology, if successfully developed within the time being theorized, will jump the gun on 8K resolution, which a number of companies (including Samsung itself) are also working on developing.

For some perspective on what 11K means, Samsung's display would be at least 30% larger than 8K

For some perspective on what 11K means, Samsung’s display would be at least 30% larger than 8K

In addition to the sheer pixel density and image smoothness an 11K display technology like this implies, Samsung also claims that the amount of pixels creates a 3D-like effect on two dimensional surfaces, thus possibly eliminating the need for the 3D glasses that millions of people still find silly.

Of course, there’s also the other side of the coin here. Even if Samsung successfully develops this crazy 11K display, how is image and video processing technology going to keep up? Currently, ISPs, broadcasters and even processing chip makers are still having difficulties just with processing 4K video resolution, with effective 8K still a future dream. 11K puts both to shame with its processing needs and a lot of back need development will have to happen there well before anything like an 11K video display resolution becomes a commercial reality.

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