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Samsung Unveiling Advanced New Monitors at CES 2017, 4K UHD Resolution and Quantum Dots

by on December 30, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 30, 2016

Samsung’s 4K ultra HD monitor lineup is going to be getting a massive expansion right before and during CES 2017 with a whole array of new offerings with 4K resolution which is now standard for high-end monitors as well as even more advanced, cutting-edge technologies like quantum dots, enhanced color range and new types of connectivity options.

Starting things off, we have Samsung’s two CH711 Quantum Dot monitor with curved display, which is going on sale to consumers in a 27 inch and a 31.5 inch version. Both are scheduled for release in early 2017 and deliver an ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle thanks to their rich color Quantum Dot IPS display which also happens to offer up a stunning 125% sRGB color space coverage. The CH711 is however not a full 4K UHD monitor, instead it delivers WQHD resolution, meaning a pixel profile of 2,560 x 1440 pixels.


This resolution and design in fact makes the CH711 monitors particularly decent gaming displays due to the combination of lighter resolution load for PC GPUs and the very wide display angles.

Design-wise, the CH711 is also quite a beauty thanks to a clean white chassis and a sleek 360-degree rotation capacity. Furthermore, the CH711’s design comes with a rather immersive 1800R curvature which is further augmented by the fact that the top and side edges of these displays have essentially no bezel. Only the bottom does. We were never big fans of curved 4K TVs because at the viewing distances from which they’re normally enjoyed, the curve gives no practical added “immersion effect”. However, in large display PC monitors, which are usually used from much closer distances, a curved screen can indeed make for a rich display experience.

Moving along, Samsung is also debuting its recently released and stunning gaming PC monitors with the same Quantum Dot color technology and similar curves to those of the CH711. These are the CFG70 and CF791 displays and though both of them already got their consumer market release in December of 2016, they’re worth a closer look. The CFG70 is a mere 1080p display which comes in a 24 inch and a 27 inch version but it does offer some superb color saturation and a multitude of gamer-friendly features which make it an ideal display for truly serious, professional PC gamers.

According to Samsung, the CFG70 offers up a “Gaming User Interface and calibration that optimizes presentation for any title in the FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS game genres, provide for a more customizable and enjoyable experience.”

The still larger CF791 takes things quite a bit further by coming with a huge 34 inch display, a 1500R curvature and an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio which is perfect for wide angle gaming. Like the other monitors above, the CF791 is also a Quantum Dot display with expanded color saturation and sRGB coverage. This monitor also includes an assortment of connectivity options with HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and a highly flexible stand that can be adjusted for height and viewing angle.

Finally, we come down to Samsung’s two very most advanced 2017 monitors, both of which offer UHD resolution. These are the UH750, which comes with full 4K resolution and is coming in a 28 inch and a 31.5 inch version and the SH850, which is a WQHD display that will be emerging in early 2017 in a 23.8 and a 27 inch version.


The UH750 is a true gamer’s monitor, with a 1ms response time, gaming-friendly technologies, Quantum Dot color and the same cool, nearly bezel-free design as the other models described above.

As for the SH850, this WQHD monitor is built for easy and smooth DP daisy chain connectivity thanks to its nearly bezel-free side edges and an ergonomic stand design which incorporates options for height adjustment, pivot, tilt and swivel.

As for the Quantum Dot technology which will be or already is present in all of these monitors, it’s basically a slightly redesgined version of the same QD technology that has been found in Samsung’s SUHD 4K HDR TVs since they emerged in 2015. The version of the technology found in the new QD monitors for 2017 probably lacks some of the HDR color enhancement quality of the Quantum Dot display for Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs and their expected QLED Quantum Dot HDR 4K TVs that are widely being expected for 2017. However, the effect is similar and results in superior levels of color saturation and color space coverage, thus producing something similar to the Wide Color Gamut of today’s QD HDR 4K TVs.


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  • Tyler
    June 3, 2017 at 10:36 am

    I only wish they had a TN panel version. I game on PC so I have been hunting down a decent 2k-4k monitor that is not ISP so the delay is under 2ms. I also want a monitor with G-sync, 100hz-144hz, and at least 27″. I figured I’d go to Samsung and see if they had that available with their brand new QDot display. I guess not; I’ll keep looking.


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