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The Prices for Samsung’s SUHD 4K TVs have been leaked and they’re not low

by on February 19, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 19, 2015

Just ahead of Samsung’s own official release of pricing details for its new line of SUHD 4K TVs, somebody has leaked a price chart for the models in their different size ranges and they are definitely not very affordable.

According to the leak, the lowest price is $2,500 for the 48-inch model and the 88-inch SUHD TV is going to retail at a whopping $23,000.

Samsung first announced the existence of its SUHD (the S doesn’t stand for anything) lineup of new 4K TVs at CES 2015 and the sheer quality of the specifications listed for these televisions were such that pretty much everybody expected them to be nothing less than expensive, even as 4K TV prices continue to fall in general.

Well, as the leak just recently revealed, nobody’s expecteations of high pricing were disappointed at all.

According to the leak, which came from, industry sources connected to Samsung are tagging the new TVs with starting prices of $2,500 for the cheapest, smallest model. From there things just keep getting pricier and a 65-inch SUHD TV will cost you between $4,999 and $5,999, depending on which version you go for.

The very largest model on the list, the 88-inch monster UN88JS9500 SUHD 4K TV, will retail for a whopping $22,999.

These prices are indeed expected to fall throughout 2015, as are all 4K TV prices but the margin of decrease is up for debate and with a high-end brand like Samsung, it can be quite narrow at times. For example, the 2014 UN65HU9000 retailed for $4,999 when it was first released and is currently selling for a markdown of just 10% at $4,499.

On the other hand, the release of these extremely pricey new SUHD TVs could provoke even further decreases in the retails prices of excellent 2014 Samsung 4K models like the UN65HU9000, even if the new SUHD line doesn’t get much cheaper as 2015 progresses.

Ultimately, the new SUHD TVs are still fundamentally just LCD TVs and not something genuinely innovative like the LG OLED line of 2015 TVs.

The Samsung SUHD line might get stiff competition from LGs similarly priced but much better OLED 4K TVs

The Samsung SUHD line might get stiff competition from LGs similarly priced but much better OLED 4K TVs

Thus, their high price tags make them unlikely to beat out LGs offering in the premium 4K TV market. Why? because if someone is going to spend this kind of money on a truly high-end 4K TV, there is a very good chance that they’ll just go for the finest picture quality on the market and that definitely lies in the OLED screens that LG has released so far. Even if the 2015 LG OLED line is expensive, the more affordable 2014 models still offer better picture quality than these new Samsung 2015 SUHD TVs.

As an added bonus, the LG OLED line also offers flat-screen models, while all of the Samsung SUHD sets are curved.

Overall, the new SUHD TVs offer a lot of great technology, but probably not quite enough to be worth their leaked retail prices, especially when sitting alongside the almost equally priced but far superior display quality of OLED 4K screens.

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  • Jonathan A. Bennett
    March 7, 2015 at 11:35 pm

    I will make this simple and easy for you. How much it would actually cost, actually it depends on the size of the television. Take a look at below:

    * According from reputable website HDGuru.

    Curved TVs

    88-inch UN88JS9500- $22,999
    65-inch UN65JS9500- $5,999
    65-inch UN65JS9000- $4,999
    55-inch UN55JS9000- $3,999
    48-inch UN48JS9000- $3,499

    Flat TVs

    65-inch UN65JS8500- $3,999
    55-inch UN55JS8500- $2,999
    48-inch UN48JS8500- $2,499

    Now you know that prices and it’s your choice whether you want a curved or flat screen tv.


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