Samsung’s NX mini 2 camera info has been leaked: it’s going to come with 4K at 24fps in a mirrorless compact

by on June 26, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 26, 2015

A successor to Samsung’s NX mini mirrorless camera is going to soon join the wider NX camera family and leaks have already sprung about some of the specs it’s going to come with.

The new camera has already been dubbed the NX mini 2 and it offers some significant changes which include features that have been removed while others have been added in.

Of the newly added features, the biggest one is probably the little camera’s apparent ability to shoot 4K video despite its tiny size.

This is a neat achievement that’s on par with that offered by other tiny 4K cameras like the GoPro Hero line of 4K action camera shooters or Sony’s action camera models.

Since 4K video recording is becoming a standard feature of most newly released DSLRs and other digital cameras, the inclusion of the resolution is increasingly becoming a “must-have” feature for any manufacturer who wants their camera to compete, even if it’s not a professional or top-shelf model. In the DSLR market and the professional video production camera market, 4K shooting specs have practically become a necessary feature of any higher end camera and now they’re becoming all the more common even in smaller digital compact devices and even in smartphone cameras.

According to the information released in the leak from Samsung, the NX mini 2 is going to be capable of shooting 4K ultra HD video with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (as opposed to the 4096 x 2160 pixels of “True” 4K) at 24 frames per second. The 24 fps speed isn’t exactly going to be a source of high level UHD video but neither is it anything to sneeze at since many Hollywood films are shown to audiences in this frame rate without complaints. Furthermore, the original 4K GoPro Hero Action camera only managed 15 frames per second, so the 24 fps of the mini 2 is quite a decent spec.

Either way one looks at it, the 24fps shooting rate is achieved via a new processing engine that operates with the same 20.5 megapixel sensor inside the camera. On top of this, the camera’s display is now going to be available in AMOLED, instead of the LCD technology of the original NX mini.

The original, HD Nx mini from Samsung

The original, HD Nx mini from Samsung

On the other hand, Samsung apparently stripped some features out so they could fit the above and other new goodies in. Thus, the camera no longer includes a connecter for an external flash but does have a built-in flash and the battery power of the new mini 2 is almost a quarter lower than that of its predecessor. It’s supposedly at 1820 mAh instead of 2330.

Finally though, the 4K shooting of the mini 2 and its overall quality will make this into one of the most user-friendly mini cameras for anyone who wants to dip their fingers into 4K video without spending a couple of thousand dollars or more.

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