The Samsung JS7000 4K TV not only offers superb specs, it also won’t shatter your piggy bank

by on July 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 16, 2015

Samsung may be known for some very expensive 4K ultra HD TVs but this isn’t the case for every one of its awesome 2015 models. The company, in an effort to push for more public familiarity with and purchasing of 4K display technology, has also introduced some excellent and highly affordable models to the market. Onne of the more notable of these is the JS7000, one of the company’s more affordable televisions in the now renowned SUHD line of 2015 TVs.

Dubbed the smart TV for the masses, the JS7000 offers just about everything you’d find in the top-shelf company models but manages to deliver all of this at a much more affordable and reasonable price tag. It even gets rid of the curved screen, which is generally useless anyhow. We recently reviewed this TV and compared it to a number of the other Samsung SUHD models that sell for considerably higher prices.

The Tizen OS of the JS7000 offers a highly developed and fully functional mix of access to regular broadcast and cable content while also delivering easy capacity for viewing the latest and best streaming video content from the web, both in HD or ultra HD resolutions.

Furthermore, as a modern Samsung SUHD TV, the JS7000 delivers on the full connectivity package, including complete compatibility with HEVC and VP9 the decoding codecs used in streamed 4K content of all types. Furthermore, there are four HDMI 2.0 ports with HDCP 2.2 content protection and of course USB connectivity in addition to Ethernet and built-in WiFi 802.11ac high speed connection power.

The JS7000 is one of Samsungs innovative new SUHD TVs, with quantum dot technology built into their 4K displays

The JS7000 is one of Samsungs innovative new SUHD TVs, with quantum dot technology built into their 4K displays

Furthermore, the JS7000 offers some of the absolute best 4K display and HD content upscaling you’ll find on sale anywhere at its price. We’re talking about enhanced quantum dot color saturation, superior contrast and the ability to take HD and even SD content and scale it up so that it looks much sharper on the native 4K screen.

The only things missing from this highly affordable model, which are present in the flagship SUUHD sets for this year are HDR content compatibility, screen curvature and a full-array backlighting technology.

In other words, this is one absolutely superb TV for the more budget conscious viewer and as for its retail price, The 55 inch model goes for just $1,599.99.

For even more detail on all the finer specs and also whatever flaws the JS7000 from Samsung offers,again, check out our review of the model here.

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