Samsung Galaxy X rumored for release in 2017, with foldable, expanding 4K display

by on May 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 16, 2016

Samsung is without a doubt one of the cutting edge manufacturers in the smartphone industry and given that this is the case, it’s only inevitable that eventually, they’ll come out with something that really innovates on design. Well, from what rumors we’re hearing for 2017, this will be the case in a very literal way, since the company is supposedly planning on the release of a 4K smartphone with a foldable display.

Samsung is known for its frequent launches of new phones and often does several launches in a single year with more than one flagship model even being released. Thus, for 2016 alone, the company has already unveiled cool and powerful new models like the Galaxy S7, the S7 Edge and the upcoming, highly anticipated Galaxy Note 6 phablet combo, whih is expected for August of this year.

While all of these are interesting and have been subject to their own rumors about specs and features, what’s even more intriguing is the technology from Samsung that we can possibly expect in 2017. The company will reportedly release as many as five flagship phones for next year consisting of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 Edge and finally, the Galaxy X.

While it’s possible that several of these will offer 4K display and highly likely that almost all of them will include 4K video recording cameras at least, the Galaxy X is the only one for which current rumors of a 4K UHD display that also happens to be foldable are circulating.

According to Korean website ETNews, in a report published in April, Samsung is working on making the Galaxy X into a foldable phone that will offer a 5 inch mobile phone screen which can then be further unfolded into a 7 inch tablet device/display. This screen will also come with 4K resolution according to the rumors.

The benefits of this fold are that it can create a more versatile device in the Galaxy X, with easy storage in bags and pockets when folded into a 5 inch device and easy work-related handling when expanded to 7 inches.

One possible form factor for the 2017 Galaxy X phone, with possible 4K resolution

One possible form factor for the 2017 Galaxy X phone, with possible 4K resolution

Now of course these are just rumors with no confirmation from Samsung itself and 2017 is still quite a ways distant but the funny thing is that in this case, the reports of the foldable 4K Galaxy X are appearing with a bit more consistency, indicating that there’s substance to them. In other words, yet another 4K smartphone may indeed be in the works and from a company known for its market dominance in the 4K TV market.

At the least we can almost certainly expect a 4K camera in the Galaxy X 2017 model

At the least we can almost certainly expect a 4K camera in the Galaxy X 2017 model

Furthermore, the idea of the phone being foldable as described is nowhere near farfetched, considering that Samsung already unveiled just such a flexible display panel for mobile devices all the way back at CES 2011. They’ve presumably come a long way since then.

Currently, while a growing percentage of flagship smartphones come with 4K video recording cameras, the only brand to offer a phone with an actual 4K display is Sony, with its Xperia Z5 Premium model.

We’ll have to wait and see what Samsung dishes out.

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