We May Finally See 4K mobile Device Display in the New Samsung Galaxy Note 5

by on November 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 5, 2014

Ultra HD 4K screens for mobile devices like tablets and especially smartphones are something that we’ve speculated on a lot here on this site.

And while a lot of rumors and predictions about when this technology in such small devices will become a real thing have floated around, now it seems that one more can be added to the pile (though hopefully more concrete this time).

The allegations currently making waves are that Samsung, the electronics and 4K resolution pioneer, will be releasing a new Ultra HD screen in time for the company’s next Galaxy Note device. In other words, the new Galaxy Note 5 will possibly come with a 4K display.

In addition to this supposed development, the new screen will also possibly have a 6 inch (okay, 5.9 inch) screen and will use AMOLED display technology for those 8.2 million pixels of UHD resolution.

The speculation is that the Galaxy Note, which is expected for earlier in the next year, will come with a 5.9 inch display, an Ultra HD full 4K screen and feature what is known as AMOLED technology as part of its display. The expected pixel density of a 5.9 inch screen packed with 3840 x 2160 pixels  is expected to be a whopping 700 ppi (Pixels per inch), which means that users looking at the screen will be completely unable to notice pixilation of any kind; the healthy human eye is reported to distinguish individual pixels only at 460 ppi or less.

The technology of 4K smartphone display has been in the works for some time already and earlier in this year, other companies such as Sony and LG were rumored to be working on developing their own 4K screens in their latest models. So far however, nobody has pulled this off despite LG itself saying only a couple of months ago that densities of 600 to 700 ppi were already in reach.

Part of the problem has been processing power. In order to handle a 4K screen, a smartphone needs to process data extremely efficiently and do so in a way that doesn’t also drain the battery in no time. This is finally being resolved with some of the latest mobile processor chips designed by companies such as Qualcomm. In fact, it’s highly likely that the Galaxy Note 5 (assuming it does come with a 4K display) will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip or higher inside it upon release.

Currently, Samsung’s most powerful mobile device screen is found on the Galaxy Note 4 and at 5.7 inches of screen size, the Note 4 offers an upper-end 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The existing Galaxy Note 4 comes with a high end 2K display

So far these speculations are just based on rumors but one thing we do know is that even in as early as November of 2013, analysts from Samsung gave public statements claiming that the electronics maker was actively working on developing 4K displays for mobile devices. This means that the company has had over a year to develop this technology.

Furthermore, rival manufacturer LG has also made public statements to the effect that it is aiming its future phone designs at pixel densities of 600 to 700 ppi. By default this means using 4K resolution.

We’ll just have to wait until the 2015 release of the Galaxy Note 5 and see for ourselves.

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