Ryse: Son of Rome for PC Definitely adds 4K Resolution while Removing Other Features

by on September 26, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 26, 2014

Ryse: Son of Rome was definitely one of the more interesting titles that was launched for the Xbox One this year.

While critics gave it only average reviews for one reason or another, fans who actually bought the game and played it more regularly seemed really happy with Crytek’s new creation.

We’ve already covered Ryse: Son of Rome and the 4K rumors surrounding it before, but here are some additional and much more concrete details for you 4K gaming fans out there on the lookout with any new and interesting titles that have really been built from the ground up to fit your powerful Ultra HD gaming rigs anddisplay monitors.

For starters, now that the game is established for the Xbox One crowd, it will be coming in a newly enhanced version for PC gaming fans to also try out and the company that created Ryse has announced just what’s to be expected for Son of Rome.

Crytek is, first of all, packaging their new PC edition of the game as a sort of “Game of the Year” edition that builds on top of the original Xbox One release. What this means is that, in addition to the base game, Crytek will also be including a large expansion pack to the PC version.

What this expansion pack will come with includes 12 new maps for multiplayer mode, a new survival mode and five skins that are made for your character.

Furthermore, the microtransactions capacity that Ryse for Xbox had as an optional feature for buying new booster equipment for much faster optimization and customization of your player will no longer be included in the PC version. The company hasn’t explained exactly why they did this but it seems to be a definite thing.

However, along with the removal of microtransactions, comes the addition of 4K visual design features.

For those of you who have the hardware to cope with these extra capacities in Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek has added the ability to play at 4K resolution on properly designed displays and has also combined the game with a very nice and flexible 15 or more new graphical adjustment options.

Ryse 4K PC version

4K games like this one will get an enormous boost from 4K

These include the ability to tweak supersampling, texture, resolution, shadows, shading, animation, particles and object detail as well as to adjust more exotic graphics aspects such as anisotropic filtering and motion blur.

The new 4K friendly PC addition of Ryse: Son of Rome will be launching on sale as of October 10th and can also be pre-ordered on the Steam website.

Crytek is also throwing in a 25 song soundtrack free of charge, which was recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra and the company is also offering support for steam’s trading cards, leaderboards and cloud saving capacity.

Furthermore, if you want to play Son of Rome with the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One controller, both capacities are fully supported.

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