Rumors about the GoPro 4 Keep Swirling: 30fps 4K Video Recording and a Touch LCD Screen

by on September 25, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 25th, 2014

We’ve already discussed the upcoming GoPro Hero 4 here before and at length, and as we’ve already covered, its release has been delayed by GoPro from an initial release date that was planned for October of this year to all the way in March of 2015.

As a result, rumors are now flying about exactly what kind of features the new camera in the extremely popular GoPro line of mountable digital video cameras will come with.

Given just how beloved these little devices are to outdoor sports enthusiasts, the rumors are only natural amongst a fanbase that’s eagerly anticipating the Hero 4’s eventual unveiling.

There is a thread on the social forum site Reddit which devotes itself to rounding up all the latest information and suppositions that are swirling across the internet about the GoPro Hero 4. It even includes images of the new mountable action camera that look pretty authentic.

Given all the information that has accumulated in the thread from diverse and sometimes not too unreliable sources, at the very least the rumors posted there have a good chance at being fairly legitimate.

Some of these sources consist of pure speculation but many of them also come from more concrete roots such as accidentally leaked promotional materials, manuals and hardware mockups. Furthermore, the consistency of the rumors has reached a point that begets some credibility.

The absolute key upgrade from the Reddit thread’s rumor mill that we’re looking forward to consists of 4K video capture at 30 frames per second. The current flagship GoPro Hero 3+, which is the latest camera in the company’s line that’s actually on sale, already features a 4K capacity but since it can shoot video at no more than a measly 15 fps, it’s pretty much useless for any serious video recording, especially of the kind of action these cameras are used for.

The GoPro Hero 4 will be a far superior camera for 4K action video

The GoPro Hero 4 will be a far superior camera for 4K action video

If the 30 fps rumor is true (and it almost certainly is) then the Hero 4 will finally have a 4K video recording ability worth its salt, since 30 fps is actually quite decent and on par with what most consumer grade 4K DSLRs and camcorders offer now.

Given this and the rising popularity of 4K video in general, the 30 fps feature is virtually guaranteed to be a part of the Hero 4. Anything less would just invite too much scorn from fans that have already been given a taste of 4K in the Hero 3.

Also, according to the same rumor mill, the camera’s overall size will remain the same for the sake of compatibility with older accessories and mounting brackets but there will definitely be design changes such as a new LCD touchscreen on the back of the Hero 4 that will allow users to actually monitor their footage in real time.

Additionally, rumors are claiming that we’ll see a far more powerful processor in the Hero 4, in the form of the new A9 chip, which will go well beyond the capabilities of the Hero 3+ and its A7 processor. This rumor squares nicely with the theories about 4k video at 30fps because sticking to the same A7 chip of the current Hero edition simply won’t cut it.

Ultimately, we’ll see exactly what’s what when March of 2015 rolls around but even if the Hero 4 doesn’t deliver on all the web rumors, it still promises to be a great mountable camera for extreme sports, just like its predecessors.

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