Roku’s New 4K HDR Streaming Stick Is Getting a Major BF Discount

by on November 19, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2017

The Roku Streaming Stick Plus, which we reviewed quite recently, here, is getting itself a major discount for Black Friday courtesy of all major online retailers across the U.S. The original list retail price of the new 4K HDR streaming media device wasn’t all that steep to begin with at $70 but the new offer turns this compact but seriously powerful streamer into the perfect light Christmas present for the right person. The streaming Stick Plus will be getting $20 slashed off its regular retail price and now sell for $50, which is basically the same price as that of the older ordinary HD-only Roku Streaming Stick.

This is certainly a sound little Black Friday deal and if you take into account just how much the Streaming Stick Plus offers in terms of sheer varied streamed access to 4K, HDR and other types of entertainment media, the new Roku deal price becomes pretty tempting. For owners of new 4K ultra HD TVs who want to spice up their selection of UHD content and smart TV features, the Streaming Stick Plus is one of the simplest and cheapest way to do that right now.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K Black Friday discount

The new sale price goes live right on the night before Thanksgiving, this Wednesday, November 22 at 9:01pm Eastern Time and continues through to Cyber Monday on November 27th. Some retailers, such as Walmart will be slashing the little streamer’s price even further down to $48, so if you want to shave a further couple of bucks off of what is already a great deal, here it is.

Roku TV 4K

Roku TV 4K

As for the device itself, the Streaming Stick Plus from Roku is quite possibly the most robustly powerful stick-type streamer on the market today. It offers up access to nearly every imaginable source of streamed 4K HDR and regular 4K media while also giving you a smart TV platform that comes loaded with a total of over 5000 different apps and some 500,000 different content selections. Among those thousands of apps and programming offerings, you can find some of the most niche-oriented media sources there are out there, with apps devoted exclusively to nature, trucks, sports, adventure and more hobby topics than we can comfortably fit into this post. Then of course there are all the main 4K content sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Go and others. Basically, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus gives you access to the same Roku TV platform found in 4K Roku TVs and to the smart interface in the much more expensive Roku Ultra set-top box, but here it’s found in a much more compact and budget-friendly form factor.

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