Roku 4K Box possibly coming as a competitor to Amazon Fire 4K TV and the Nvidia Shield

by on September 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 23, 2015

This is all still a bit more on the rumor side but clues and market trends are definitely pointing to a new Roku box with 4K support, which would be a natural fit for the upcoming device given the expanding market for ultra HD set-top boxes such as this.

First we had Nvidia’s Shield Android TV box with full support for 4K ultra HD streaming and other content emerge earlier in the year, then Amazon came along and announced the imminent release of a new 4K streaming box called the Fire TV at a publicity event last week. Now, there are naturally rumors floating around that Roku is also about to release a 4K streaming box of their own.

According to the details of these rumors, the company, which is in fact a specialist in creating streaming media boxes, will soon unveil an ultra HD Roku 4 that is likely to go by the name Roku 4K. The box will then compete directly with the similar devices from Amazon, Nvidia and a few other UHD-capable media players that have been emerging in recent months.

These rumors aren’t pure speculation either. A couple of admittedly minor clues have been floating around the web and on Roku’s own channel schedule which indicate that the company’s next step will be 4K support.

For example, in the strongest piece of evidence to date, Roku’s own official UK Channel Store recently listed a channel that they called “4K Showcase”, which definitely suggests soon-to-arrive-4K UHD capability in their next streaming media box.

More than anything else in support of the idea that Roku will soon reveal a 4K-capable streaming media box is the simple fact that market competitive pressure is guiding them in this direction. The number of major players in this market niche who are moving over to 4K support is expanding rapidly and Roku really cannot afford to be left behind on a resolution technology that is without a doubt becoming the next gold-standard in all display entertainment devices across the board.

Amazon's Fire 4K TV box, and could be a reason for Roku to release its own 4K media box

Amazon’s Fire 4K TV box, and could be a reason for Roku to release its own 4K media box

With the exception of Apple TV, most other streaming media platforms are already offering or moving towards offering 4K UHD streaming support and since Roku certainly doesn’t have the vast general market clout of Apple, they can’t easily dismiss such a major trending technology development.

Both Amazon’s Fire 4K TV box and Nvidia’s Shield 4K Android TV box are capable of streaming ultra HD content from a number of online sources to 4K TVs that also come with HEVC/VP9 content compression decoding support and HDCP 2.2 content copy protection. Addtionally, these other media platforms also offer access to a wide range of games, online apps and web browsing options. Roku’s next media box will almost certainly offer its own version of all of these things.

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