It’s confirmed: Roku 4 will come with 4K UHD support and pre-orders are open for $129.99

by on October 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 05, 2015

Roku has finally made increasingly reliable rumors about 4K UHD in its upcoming Roku 4K media box official and legitimate: The company has announced that Roku 4 will be its first ever set-top box to support 4K streaming and they’re offering the box on pre-order for $129.99 with an expected delivery to buyers at the end of October.

The new Roku 4 comes with a larger body than any of its previous iterations and offers a bunch of other interesting features besides the most basic element of 4K UHD support for streaming media.

According to reporting from, one of their writers was shown the 4K streaming functionality at a smooth 60 frames per second and it worked without any flaws at all.

Furthermore, in an effort to promote new 4K content, apps like Netflix and others will come with a special little 4K tag that let’s customers see when 4K UHD resolution is available for the streams of a given piece of content. In addition to this, Roku will offer its own “RK Showcase”, a mechanism for making content that’s available in ultra HD more visible to users of the Roku 4.

The new Roku 4 streaming media box comes with 4K support

The new Roku 4 streaming media box comes with 4K support

The new Roku 4K box will also be powered by the manufacturer’s also new Roku 7 software, which also has new additions to its OS technology. These include allowing users to follow particular entertainment items like actor names, specific directors, movies, TV shows and other key identifiers. Furthermore, a new mobile app for the Roku 7 software will let users manage part of their Roku 4 platform remotely, with one example being making changes to the “My Feed” feature in their device. This remote management feature will only work on the same WiFi network for the time being but will soon be truly remote for access from any internet connectivity network.

Finally, we should also mention the inclusion of a Universal Search functionality that works through the voice-powered remote. With this very smooth-running feature, users can open up their favorite third-party applications and rapidly search for particular TV shows across multiple streaming service options with any titles that are available appearing in the search results in an instant.

The Roku 4 will be getting delivered to pre-order customers as of the end of October and is currently available for $129.99 from the company website.

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