Which comes first? Apple TV 4 in 4K or the Roku 4 4K Box?

by on March 10, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 10, 2015

When it comes to their set-top box, it definitely seems that Apple is putting more effort into software updates than innovative new hardware overhauls. While this isn’t the end of the world for Apple TV, it does lay the ground for the possibility that the upcoming Roku 4K TV box gets released to the public first.

Roku is currently one of the most popular media streaming devices on the entertainment market and with good reason since it’s such a powerful and robust system. However, despite this quality, the existing Roku streaming platform is getting old and out of date; starting off with the fact that it doesn’t come with 4K support.

This is where very credible rumors of a Roku 4K media streaming device come into the picture and it’s looking increasingly likely that just this kind of new Roku 4K device will be coming out early in 2015, possibly even within a month or so.

Given Roku’s existing plans for a major involvement in 4K TV technology, the new 4 edition will will also include the expected 4K streaming support that the platform is almost certainly going to have among other possible features such as a new user interface and heavily beefed up RAM memory.

Part of the concreteness to the 4K rumors for the Roku 4 lies in the fact that Roku itself announced at the recent CES 2015 in January that future models of their streaming device will indeed support ultra HD. Furthermore, to bolster this possibility even more, Netflix, a major supplier of streaming 4K entertainment has also been claimed as the first content provider which is going to be doling out its ultra HD content through the upcoming Roku platform.

Roku 4 coming with 4K support

Given all these rumors and facts, the expectations for the Roku 4 release date are quite high and excitement in some circles is building. However, some of this anticipation should be tempered by the still unsatisfied hopes of the same 4K hardware updates to Apple TV coming out in the form of a new Apple TV 4 platform, similar to the Roku version.

However, Apple TV 4 hasn’t happened yet and there isn’t even any concrete news on when it might be coming out. For now, users are still dealing with version 3 (sans 4K support) and the only consolation is that it’s now available at a cheaper price than before.

Thus, if Apple is being hesitant on a new 4K version of its TV platform, we could possibly see Roku do the same, although it looks unlikely that the latter company shows the same hesitation with ultra HD 4K.

For starters, Apple has always been hesitant on 4K for both its TV and PC systems and the company didn’t even come out with its own ultra HD PC monitor/computer until well after lesser rivals had already done the same. The same is being applied to TV content streaming by Apple.

Roku on the other hand, can’t lean on the same degree of consumer popularity and prestige in assorted markets in a way that lets it neglect 4K for its media platform. Unlike Apple, Roku’s business model largely revolves around their core device and making it as innovative as possible is crucial for success.

Thus, as for which we’ll see first, Roku 4 in 4K or Apple TV 4 in 4K, the likelihood is much greater that Roku will move more aggressively with its next set-top box.

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