The Release Date of the GoPro Hero 4 4K Mountable Camera Has Been Officially Delayed to March 2015

by on September 15, 2014

by Stephan Jukic September 14th, 2014

ARTICLE CORRECTION: The Offical release date of the GoPro Hero 4 has now finally been firmly confirmed for October of 2014.

According to the people at GoPro, the company that makes the awesome and very popular Hero series of Mountable video cameras, the launch date of their latest Hero 4 has been delayed from its previously reported release date of October 2014.

GoPro’s series of Hero cameras and especially its extremely popular Hero 3 mountable 4K video camera have attracted a lot of attention and free publicity for the company from fans all over the world. Popular with athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the cameras can be mounted on to just about any object and used under even some of the roughest conditions for creating continuous movies of action sequences as they play out.

Given this popularity among extreme sports fans, the announcement of the delay is sure to frustrate many in this group who have been waiting for months to get their hands on the updated and improved version of the powerful little Hero camera.

However, according to some recently unveiled new specs and features that the Hero 4 is expected to come with because of the delay, the wait could definitely be worth it for everyone. The camera is definitely expected to come quite a bit better equipped than its Hero 3 predecessor.

What makes the Hero series of cameras so popular is a combination of their being very easy to mount on anything and their amazing ability to handle all the elements that extreme sports activity can throw at them, including extreme temperatures, water, dirt and stressful motion.

Furthermore, aside from being tough as nails, the camera is extremely light, weighing in at just under 100 grams, which made it a great choice for mounting on helmets, bikes, surf boards and just about anything anyone uses in extreme outdoor sports.

As for the expected improvements, the new Hero 4 is supposedly going to come out with a new and much more powerful A9 processor chip, a considerable jump up from the Hero 3s A7 processor.

Additionally, while the Hero 3 can record the brilliantly clear 4K video resolution at a fairly weak frame rate of 15 fps (frames per second), the upcoming Hero 4 is supposed to double this and produce 30 fps 4K video thanks to its A9 chip. The same doubling will also likely apply to the Hero 4’s ability to create Full HD video, taking it to 120 fps and allow for filming of 720p HD at a very nice 240 frames per second, which will also be great for later creating fantastic slow motion shots in 720p resolution.

GoPro Hero 3 4K camera in action

GoPro Hero 3 4K camera in action

30 frames per second for 4K video is also incidentally as good as the 4K frame rates on several models of high end Ultra HD camcorders from Sony and Panasonic, which isn’t bad at all for a little mountable camera.

Of course, just like its Hero 3 predecessor, the Hero 4 will be equally tough, impervious to water to 60 meters, and resistant to dust, dirt and impacts.

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