Reintroduction into the wild via 4K TV: Lemurs trained to return to the wild with 4K TVs

by on December 8, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 8, 2015

The Port Lympne Reserve for wild animals in Kent, UK has taken a rather unusual and interesting approach to acclimatizing animals to a return to the wild life, through the use of 4K ultra HD TVs.

The UK nature reserve, in resolving the issue of accustoming its lemurs and langurs to natural living with other lemurs, decided to install Sony Bravia 4K TVs in their enclosures in an effort to show the animals life-like footage of their own wild cousins as part of their “Back to the Wild” program.

One of Sony's renowned 4K ultra HD Bravia TVs

One of Sony’s renowned 4K ultra HD Bravia TVs

The charity-run nature preserve is trialing the 4K TV watching program with Sony’s TVs in an effort to make the langurs and lemurs more used to the idea of contact with a new environment. The lemurs and langurs in question are watching shows and video which display their natural native habitat and their own wild counterparts in their daily habits for the sake of making their reintroduction into the real wilderness a more relaxing process.

The animal charity’s world renowned “Back to the Wild” program was the catalyst for the installation of these ultra-high resolution 4K TVs in the animal enclosures and the video content shown on the new TVs shows footage of natural lemur and langur habitats on the Indonesian islands of Java and Madagascar. All of the footage has been filmed in and is also being shown in native 4K UHD resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

According to Simon Jeffery, the Animal Manager at the Port Lympne Reserve, “At Port Lympne, we’re always looking for new ways to engage and stimulate our animals. We use all sorts of different techniques to do this to keep our animals as interested and healthy as possible. Sometimes the enrichment can involve scents or tastes or even new climbing features or toys but this time we wanted to try something a little different to see if they would be interested in their natural habitats in the wild.”


Mr. Jeffery further elaborated that while the captive animals’ enclosures are designed to look as much as possible like their natural habitat, the inventors of the Sony 4K UHD Bravia TV installations wanted to also let the lemurs and langurs get an actual look at the real nature they’ll eventually be returning to. Thus, it was decided that the native quality of 4K ultra HD picture display was the only thing which could create a realistic enough visual effect to make the animals potentially take serious notice.

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