Red releasing the relatively affordable new Raven EF-Mount camera that offers “4K for All”

by on September 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 23, 2015

RED is a video production camera manufacturer that isn’t exactly known for the high affordability and simplicity of its main products, which are their different types of professional 4K and higher resolution video production cameras.

Now however, partly in an effort to counter this across-the-board image of their wares, the company is releasing a new upcoming cameras that’s supposed to make a major impression on the film making industry while also being a generally much more accessible device than many previous models. Called the RED Raven, the new camera features a Canon EF-mount, costs $5950 (without a full ready-to-shoot package of accessories) and brings RED’s 4K video recording formats to “the masses” according to some of the latest words from the manufacturer.

According to company president Jarred Land, writing in a post on the RED Forums the new camera comes with a base price of 5,950 for the main body and also comes as a complete, ready-to-shoot package that will be available for under $10,000.

According to the people at RED, the Raven will come with a full metal Weapon body and come in a modular design that comes with an integrated microphone and WiFi connectivity. Furthermore, the front of the camera will feature a fixed Canon EF mount which is much more flexible than normal with RED cameras at taking on a wide assortment of different lenses from other manufacturers.

On the inside, the Raven will come with a 20.48 mm sensor that sits in between the common APS-C and Micro Four Thirds, with a drop factor of 1.87x. Also, crop sensor lenses should cover this sensor and work with the camera as well.

Obviously, given the general production specs of almost all of RED’s camera lines, the new Raven camera will be able to shoot 4K UHD video and will manage this ultra HD resolution at a rapid-fire 120 frames per second. It will also shoot in the RedCode compressed RAW format with a capacity for compression of 5:1 at 24 frames per second.

According to Land, the Raven is not a replacement for RED’s existing Scarlet line of cameras. Instead the new device fits into a category of its own, one which is, according to the RED president, “a younger, hungrier, more spirited member of the RED family, with a chip on his shoulder, ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that you will be incredibly proud of”.

In other words, the new RED Raven is the company’s offering to the more budget conscious professional video production market –a camera that sticks to many of the high quality standards and rich specs of more expensive RED products while coming with a flexible design and more practical price.

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