RED announces their new Scarlet-W cinematic camera: 4K at 150fps, 5K at 60fps and 2K ProRes

by on December 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 11, 2015

RED cinema cameras are some of the most decked out and ultra HD friendly shooting systems on the prosumer market today and now the company that has come out with some spectacular shooters like the RED Scarlet and Dragon pro cameras has now announced the arrival of yet another and in this case very, very impressive ultra HD shooter.

We are talking about the new RED Scarlet-W camera and it’s definitely something to tell your videographer friends about. Featuring a 5K RED Dragon sensor first introduced 2 years ago and joined together with the higher-end RED Weapon and lower priced RED Raven cameras of earlier in 2015, the Scarlet-W is capable of ploughing out 5K video at a massive 60fps and 4K footage at a truly remarkable 150fps in RAW compression format.

Of course, this new shooter also comes with a hefty price attached to those astonishingly good specs, with a complete working package price of roughly $14,500 and a camera brain-only price of $9,950.

Like the predecessors whose technologies went into its construction, the Scarlet-W offers the sort of spectacular video RED is famous for by now. Cinema production with this camera is looking to turn out just as good as or even better than that of its older cousins and the Scarlet-W will almost certainly offer the sort of superb dynamic range, extraordinary video quality, color and organic RAW settings that almost any videographer would love. Combined with massive resolution at some truly rarified frame rates, the Scarlet-W is going to almost surely be yet another major pillar in the reputation that RED has built for itself in the video production world and in especially in the world of 4K UHD shooting.

the RED Scalret-W cinema camera with 5K and 4K video shooting

Going into some deeper detail, the Scarlet-W offers a 30% larger sensor area than that of its older cousin the RED Raven and ups the 4.5K shooting capacities of the Raven to a new 5K standard that should be wonderful to behold. Furthermore, the Scarlet-W offer some other high end features like an interchangeable mount, a RAW compression of 4:1 (minimum) and a physically large sensor that impresses.

The Scarlet-W also offers an Interchangeable Optical Lowpass filter for enhancing images at higher levels of ISO while preventing video degradation at the same time.

On the other hand, the Scarlet-W isn’t quite as much of a powerhouse as its even pricier RED Weapon cousin, which can manage the use of its full 6K sensor area, shoot 5K video at an even more remarkable 120fps and can even manage 6K video at 100fps.

Other cool characteristics of the Scarlet-W include the ability to record ProRes 422 HQ in 2K resolution at 60fps and at the same time record RAW video thanks to the camera’s full frame option. On top of all this, RED is also releasing a Scarlet-W Monochrome edition, which comes with a monochrome only sensor that offers higher actual resolution and even broader dynamic range.

Finally, as far as more specific pricing details go, the RED Scarlet-W camera body alone will retail for $9,950 while a full package with all accessories for a working pro shooter will run $14,500 dollars.

Finally, the RED Scarlet-W will be shipping to buyers as of March 2016.

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