RCA’s New 4K HDR TV Costs Just $600 And Includes Excellent Roku TV Smart OS

by on November 3, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 3, 2017

RCA has already been selling televisions with the excellent and content-loaded Roku TV smart platform for a few months now but until now a model with 4K ultra HD display hasn’t been available. This is no longer the case. The company’s newest addition to its Roku TV lineup does indeed feature ultra HD and this means maximum access to the full range of the Roku smart platform’s stunningly broad content options, identical to those found in the same brand’s also excellent 4K streaming devices.

With the new 4K UHD television model, RCA joins the ranks of Insignia, TCL and Hisense in offering a television with the third party smart platform integrated into it. This is fundamentally a good thing since, whatever these TVs other performance merits (or lack of them), the Roku TV platform itself is one fantastically good piece of content delivery software, with access to over 500,000 different pieces of 4K and HD content spread across literally thousands of apps, or “channels” as Roku itself calls them. While these apps include all the home entertainment essentials like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu and Youtube, they also feature hundreds of highly niche-oriented options for nearly every kind of content preference. Even many of the name brand 4K TV makers’ native smart TV platforms have a hard time competing with Roku TV in the quality of its highly intuitive and easy to use smart OS (Roku OS 8 in the case of the new RCA 4K TV).

RCA’s New 4K TV May Not Be Amazing But Does Include Fantastic Roku TV

As for the TV itself, it’s far from a premium model with ultra-advanced technologies but it does come priced wonderfully and offers a very decent overall display experience, which includes the stunning sharpness of native 4K resolution, HDR support, a very decent level of brightness and contrast and some enhanced color support. And once again, it comes nicely priced, with the 50 inch model retailing for $600 and a 55 inch version going for an also reasonable price of $700. RCA is also selling a 65 inch model for just $1,099, which is pretty decent, all things considered.

We’ve recently reviewed TCL’s 4K UHD Roku HDR P-Series TV and consider it to be one of the best budget TV models in existence today and to boot, they sell for even lower prices than RCA’ s new model, so the TCL alternative might be an even better deal since it comes with the exact same smart TV platform. However, The TCL P-series comes in only one size, 55 inches, so the new RCA models definitely have an edge on that count with their three different display sizes.

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