Quantum Dot maker Nanoco is “Delighted” by use of its dots in LG 4K TVs

by on March 27, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 27, 2015

As quantum dot technology starts to become more widespread in the very latest 4K ultra HD smart TVs, the company behind the dots, Nanoco is “delighted” by the kind of progresss that’s been made towards commercializing these new cadmium-free quantum dot materials in 4K TVs.

Currently, only Samsung and LG use Nanoco’s quantum dot technology in select models of their 2015 UHD TV lineup but this alone is a major step upwards for what just a couple of years ago was a highly experimental and impractical technology for enhancing color in LED LCD TVs.

Nanoco itself is a UK headquartered business that generally engages in the production of nanomaterials for assorted commercial industry sectors. The comments about the company’s delight at seeing progress with its quantum dot technology were recently made by company chairman Anthony Clinch after the company reported interim six month results for a period ending in January 31st 2015.

Company revenues on its quantum dot technology have also grown from 679,000 British pounds in 2013 to 1.6 million pounds in the next fiscal four quarter period.

During this time-span, Nanoco also received a boost by the news that the industrial giant Dow is building the world’s first major quantum dot manufacturing plant in South Korea and will be using Nanoco’s patented technology there for the sake of TV and display screen related production that should start in mid-2015.

Additionally, In January 2015, LG Electronics signed a partnership agreement with Dow on receiving a steady and constant supply of the quantum dots that are now becoming so important for the particularly vibrant color quality of TVs which are going to contain them. Specifically for LG, these are the 4K televisions in the company’s ColorPrime 4K ultra HD line, which are on the verge of being launched on the U.S market in the coming days of early 2015.

One of LG's new Quantum Dot 4K TVs

One of LG’s new Quantum Dot powered ColourPrime 4K TVs

According to Clinch, “We’re delighted by the pace of progress towards the commercialization of our cadmium-free quantum dot technology in the display market”.

He also explained that the company’s worldwide licensing partner Dow expects to kick off production in mid-2015 at the world’s largest Q dot factory in South Korea. This, in combination with the Dow-LG agreement and the wider 4K TV market interest in using quantum dots is likely to create some major opportunities for the small UK-based nanomaterials company.

Clinch also elaborated that his company has made “considerable” technical progress in a number of other key target markets which include LED general lighting, solar and bio-imaging technology. According to Clinch, all of these offer serious commercial potential in other industrial and consumer market sectors.

Quantum dots themselves are a technology in which special “dots” that consist of atomic nanocrystals made from semiconductor materials are arrayed across a sheet of film and then hit with LED lighting to produce specific and brilliant colors whose tone depends on the size of the quantum dot crystals themselves.

What makes quantum dots so fascinating to TV makers is that the colors they produce augment the vibrancy and range of the classical spectrum of Red, Green, Blue and sometimes Yellow pixels which normally go into a 4K TV, causing each to more broadly mimic natural color in the real world.

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