More details on LG’s Fantastic CES 2015 lineup of 4K TVs: OLED, Quantum Dots just a part of the picture

by on January 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 5, 2015

We’ve already covered some of what we could look forward to from LG at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada but now we’re looking at some of the more concrete details and what’s emerging looks as fantastic as promised.

The latest news from the Central Hall at the CES is coming out with some truly awesome new TV technology from this pioneering company in the home entertainment arena and the LG booth single handedly carries enough new TV tech to eclipse the presentations of numerous competitors.

At CES 2015, LG is showing off its ability to stay far ahead of the curve with a whopping 11 new OLED TVs in their lineup of models. Every one of these new TVs features 4K resolution and they’re just the beginning. One of the TVs can transform from a flat screen to a curved TV with a single push of a button, another TV features quantum dot technology in action and several of the TVs on display are powered by monstrously powerful 10-core processors. Given how crucial processing power is to any 4K TV, this last feature is a true powerhouse specification.

LG’s top of the line model at their CES booth is the EG9900. A 77 inch ultra HD OLED TV with the shape shifting display we mentioned above. This cool feature is achieved by a remote-controlled bezel motor and isn’t all that the TV is capable of. It also comes with LG’s most modern webOS operating system and smarthub built into it and includes one of those crazy 10-core processors that will be so crucial to handling the 4K content needs of all future 4K TVs.

The EG9900 also includes built-in Harman/Kardon speakers and a specialized anti-reflective coating over its screen.

LG hasn’t yet released pricing details on this monster TV but given the costs of 2014’s considerably “simpler” big-screen 4K OLED models, we can almost certainly expect an MSRP that goes well above $20,000.

On the slightly more conservative end of things, LG is also presenting several new flat screen OLED TVs. These three sets will be available for purchase by the end of 2015 and include a 65 inch set called the EF9800 (which also features a motorized curved to flat screen shape shifting ability), a smaller 55 inch version of the same TV with a fixed flat screen and two lower end OLED flat-screen TVs that measure 55 and 65 inches. These “only” have quad-core processors but share the same internal specs as the massive EG9900. Again, no price details are available for these smaller OLEDs either.

Finally, we move onto LG’s much vaunted quantum dot unveiling. This was something a lot of tech watchers were fully expecting from both Samsung and LG for CES 2015 and it’s finally here in the form of a 65 inch ultra HD TV called the UF9400. This set features a quad-core processor, 240Hz refresh rates and also includes Harmon/Kardon speakers. According to LG, the quantum dot film that’s been built into the screen just in front of the Full Array LED backlighting system creates a 25 to 30% better color gamut and 10% better brightness than that found in a normal LCD panel.

Quantum dots in liquid medium, the latest technology to hit LG's 4K TV screens

Quantum dots in liquid medium, the latest technology to hit LG’s 4K TV screens

However, in a show of candor, LG also claims that their first generation of quantum dot TVs might also show slightly overbright colors due to the complete newness of the technology and the company claims that a better value might be found in their range of UF9500 240Hz “ColorPrime” 4K TV sets. These range in size from 79 to 65 to 55 inches and also include 10-core processors. Once again, no word on prices here either.

More details are sure to emerge on LG’s new TVs soon enough but for now we can at least look forward to the releases of these no longer rumored new TVs.

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