Qualcomm wants to See More 4K Video Uploading to TVs with its new Prototype Dongle

by on October 20, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 20th, 2014

Qualcomm has already attracted some notice in the still relatively small world of 4K Ultra HD thanks to its 4K friendly technology and wireless 4K capacity campaigning.

The company has just recently campaigned for the development of better Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies which will facilitate easier transmission of user generated and more specifically, mobile phone generated 4K video to TVs and computers from which these clips can then be uploaded online over landline web connections.

Furthermore, the chip maker is also the manufacturer of the Snapdragon line of processing chips for mobile devices, which are known to be some of the most powerful on the market and highly capable when it comes to letting mobile phones with 4K cameras process Ultra HD video clips.

Now Qualcomm is also planning on liberating the 4K videos from high-end smart phones through some far more hands-on means. We’re talking about the new Chromecast-like prototype TV dongle the company has come out with.

The prototype was unveiled by Qualcomm at a recent company industry event, and the expectation is that Qualcomm will offer the dongle device to manufacturers as a means of pushing them towards building their own 4K streaming devices.

Qualcomm views their experimental dongle as a technology that will allow users to beam their homemade 4K videos to their TVs now that more smart phones are constantly coming out with 4K video cameras.

The device could also eventually be used by different parties to stream 4K videos from online sources like Netflix and could also serve as a wireless docking device for phones or tablets, which would allow them to display their internal 4K content onto TVs capable of showing it in its full resolution.

The Qualcomm dongle is based on the company’s well known Snapdragon processing chip but doesn’t actually need a phone or tablet that uses it to be contain its own Snapdragon chip.

The Qualcomm prototype 4K streaming dongle for mobile devices

The Qualcomm prototype 4K streaming dongle for mobile devices

According to sources, the dongle uses the basic Universal Plug and Play protocol to connect with other machines and Qualcomm is also developing complementary software that will let the dongle work with current Android media players like VLCand MXPLayer.

In a recent email with the people at PCWorld, Qualcomm confirmed that their new dongle was only a prototype so far and that the company is currently working with hardware and software partners to develop easier 4K streaming between mobile devices and Ultra HD TVs.

Now that 4K video capture is available on some of the best flagship S5, G3 and Xperia Z2 phones from manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony, the biggest problem currently facing those who use the phones to shoot beautiful 4k Video clips is getting the content onto a TV that can actually display it.

Most of the time (since most WiFi connections are too weak for reasonably fast upload of a 4K video clip), users have to transfer content between phone and TV via USB cable. Thus, a streaming dongle that attaches to the phone would make things much more convenient when a user doesn’t want to get off the couch but wants to see their recently shot 4K home movie on their 4K TV.

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