Prime Day Is Over But This Powerful 4K FreeSync Gaming Monitor Is Still On Sale

by on July 17, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 17, 2019

The major deals of Amazon Prime Day (many of which were price-matched by other retailers during the 48 hours of the shopping event), may have finished up for the time being but a few are still here.

One of these is this rather exceptional offer for one of brand leader BenQ’s 4K FreeSync PC monitors. The model in question is the BenQ EL2870U and not only is it a superbly designed piece of hardware for some very serious turbocharged ultra HD computer gaming, it also offers technology specifically designed to deliver the best possible 4K experience if paired with the right kind of games and GPU.

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The BenQ EL2870U truly does deliver impressive performance that’s specifically aimed at PC gamers who want to do their gameplay with a full 8.3 million pixels smoothly responding to the graphics on the screen. Based on numerous professional and consumer reviews, this piece of hardware offers up AMD FreeSync technology for smooth frame rate synchronization between display and GPU and its screen delivers an excellent 1 millisecond response time even when very intense games are thrown at it. Yes, the EL2870U is a 60Hz monitor, so you won’t be able to go for high-frame rate while running it but since most modern GPU configurations can’t really even support consistent 4K resolution at more than 60 frames per second, this isn’t likely to be a problem

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On the display side, the BenQ EL2870U renders beautifully vibrant dynamic colors, crisp, deep blacks and an excellent contrast ratio. It’s also loaded with connectivity specs in the form of multiple HDMI 2.0, USB, DisplayPort 1.4 and other ports, and includes major HDR support for even more vibrant gameplay. The 28 inch display is no slouch either, with lots of room for soaking in all the detailed UHD HDR gaming graphics you throw at it.

In essence, you’re not going to easily find a 4K PC gaming monitor with all of the above specs at its current discount price of $347.99. For the 48 hour Prime Day event, Amazon was selling the EL2870U at a special low price of $299.99 dollars but its previous price was $400, so the current discount in this deal still lets you shave just over $50 off what the EL2870U would cost you. At either of these prices, this monitor really does deliver  an excellent, powerful gaming combo that’s hard to criticize, and it’s absolutely worth a look if you want to get started with full blown 4K HDR PC gaming without spending too much on your new rig.

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Check out BenQ’s EL2870U 4K HDR FreeSync PC Monitor for sale at Amazon

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