The Prices of 4K monitors keep plummeting, fall below $500

by on November 21, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 21, 2014

4K monitors, like most 4K technology in general, are just getting more and more affordable practically by the month and while they’re still expensive relative to what an HD PC monitor costs, they’ve finally hit record breaking lows as of very recently.

According to the latest sale prices of some of the most affordable monitors on the market, from name-brands such as Dell, Samsung and lesser known brands like AOC and Planar, buying a 4K monitor no longer costs even the once “affordable” price of $700, it can now be done for just under $500 USD.

Just a few months ago, during the summer, even the $700 price line for a ultra HD monitor was considered exceptionally low relative to 2013 prices but now it’s already heading towards being the cost of higher end monitors.

Currently, Dell is selling a 28 inch monitor called the HD P2815Q for just $449.99, which is a decrease from its earlier in the year price of $699.99. This is just one example, because electronics website Newegg is also selling several monitors from AOC and Planar for almost equally low prices of $499.99.

And if you’re into something with really powerful brand recognition for quality for a bit of extra money (particularly when it comes to 4K products), there’s also the Samsung UD590, a 28 inch monitor that’s now on sale for just $599.99, which is a decrease from its earlier sale price of $699.

On the other hand, not all 4K monitors have dropped in price given the Lenovo is still selling its ThinkVision 28-inch Pro2840m monitor for $799.99. This model has been on sale since mid-year and its price has not dropped yet.

Of course, there are also still plenty of 4K UHD monitor models from name brands that continue to cost well above $1000, some selling for even more than $2000. For example, the upcoming Ezio ColorEdge CG318-4K 31.1 inch monitor will be retailing for a whopping $4,600 USD but then again it will also come packed with numerous features that simply don’t come with $500 or even $700 4K monitors. Likewise for the Dell UltraSharp 24 and 27 inch monitors. These bad boys come with 5K display and 60Hz refresh rates but also cost $1200 and $2000+ respectively.

Eizo ColorEdge 4K monitor

4K monitors like the upcoming Eizo ColorEdge remain extremely expensive

One of the key differences between the new affordable ultra HD monitors entering the market right now and their more expensive counterparts is that they lack many of the higher-end features a $700+ monitor would come with.

Most importantly of all, many cheaper 4K monitors lack the ability to actually refresh content at above 30 frames per second. Their refresh rates are set at 30Hz and this –especially when it comes to video or 4K gaming– is not good enough for smoothly flowing visuals.

The above-mentioned $449.99 Dell monitor has a 30Hz refresh rate but the $599.99 Samsung UD590 does manage 60Hz via its DisplayPort 1.2 socket but can only do 30Hz through its HDMI connection.

Other extras that higher priced monitors often come with also include more advanced HDMI 2.0 connections and much better color gamuts. Some, like the Eizo ColorEdge mentioned above also come with professional ratings on a number of settings such as Adobe RGB.

Ultimately however, prices keep falling thanks to competition and as 2014 closes and we enter 2015, even the current prices for 4K monitors will certainly decrease much further still as even more of the latest connectivity and performance features get packed on.

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